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Full Version: Focus Wont Start
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[color=#474747][font=sans-serif][size=3]booted it off from a set of lights and got to about 40mph and then the car just died, had greenflag out and they came up with nothing on diagnostics, got towed home and car hasnt been able to start since, it sounds like it has no compression,ivew had a new set of plugs in because they where soaked, its sparking on all 4 plugs and dont know what it could be [/size][/font][/color]
sounds like the timing belts gone
belts fine mate
So you've got fuel?
Got spark?
Got rotation on turn over?
What were the plugs soaked with? fuel or possibly water?
If not fuel then a head gasket probably gone.
yes ive got fuel, spark, and rotation on turnover, the plugs where soaked with fuel which evaporated after about 10 seconds but replaced them anyway, would the crankshaft sensor stop it from starting like this ?
I'm pretty sure this would result in a blowback if the spark was retarded or advanced.
Pull the plugs from all cylinders and crank the engine. (remove plugs from HT to avoid flashing up of fuel vapour)
Get someone to put a finger in each plug port in turn and see if there's any suction or blow on each one.
Maybe you could try hotter burning plugs too.
im going to try what stoney said today, is there any more idea's?
I was looking through an old ford TIS disc i have and a possible cause of wet plugs apparently can be underfuelling strange as it sounds.
May be worth checking fuel flow and fuel filter etc.
[size=4]Same problem with my 2000 'X' Focus 1.6 16v
Give it a little bit got into town pulling in and it cut out. managed to tow start it but wont start if you jump it.
Timing belt fine!
Changed Coil Pack!

Any other ideas? [/size]

Forgot to add when i plugged it in.. i got P0135 Which is o2 Sensor heater fault :-/ [/size]

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