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Full Version: 2003 Mondeo Keyless Entry
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i was wondering how to tell if my mondeo has keyless entry. i bought the car a couple of months ago and it only came with one key, but the lights flash when i unlock the car with the key. can anyone enlighten me? if i dont have keyless entry how would i go about fitting one? thanks
Ive just checked my handbook and cant find any reference to keyless entry not sure it was even offered on a model this early.
I doubt it woiuld be a cost effective retro fit
Sorry I meant remote central locking not keyless entry.
Do you have a 3 button key fob or just a passive fob?
No I bought the car last year and only have one regular key. But I think it has remote central locking because when I unlock the car the lights flash. I just want to know if there is any way of telling if my car has this feature. If it does then I will go buy a key fob, but I don't want to waste money on a key fob if my car does not have remote central locking. Thanks Sean
Hi, I believe your car should have remote central locking. My 2002 Mondeo has and as far as I know all mk3 Mondeos have it. It sounds like the key you were given when you bought the car is the spare, as that one doesn't have any buttons on it.

If you go to a Ford dealer they should be able to order a key with the remote buttons on, but it may cost a fair bit.
Thanks I'll give ford a call then
Hi a wile back my sons focus remote key went u/s.
We got one off ebay and reprogrammed it as per internet instructions and it worked fine.
Only problem you havve is that you don't have the actual metal key part so you will probablly have to get one from Ford, but you may be able to get the actual metal key part from a locksmiths like Timpsons and then put it into a remote fob bought from ebay, should be a lot cheaper.
All Mk3 modeos are remote central locking,
These guys have both the blank blade and the fob parts [url=""][/url]
William Crossey
did you ever find out if you could get your mondeo done.. i may have a solution if you havent got sorted, it will not give you a second key but is a cheap way to turn your exsisting key into keyless entry.. thats entry not keyless start like the newer mondeo. firstly buy either a working second hand or even new remote, turn your key think its 4 times on and off and on the forth time there will be a beep from the dash, remove the key then press a button on the remote then you will hear a second beep indicating it was initalised ok. go to your local ford dealer and then get them to cut you a remote key blade also known as a horse shoe blade. now you will have a remote that works the locking and a blade to turn the ignition but will not work the start the engine till programed to the ecu, pop open the remote and remove the chip from inside and do away with it as it wont be needed, at the end of your old key remove the blue cap at the bottom of the key and slide out a white part that houses the chip belonging to your vehicle, pop your chip into the remote and put remote into key blade then walla your single key is now a single remote key..

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