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Full Version: 2002 Mondeo Tdci Engine Warning/loss Of Power/rattle
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Hi all

I know this is a fault that other people have had before, Im sure its been posted about here somewhere, but not really covered on the side I want to ask about.

My mondeos been fine for the past few weeks, had a belt changed last week and since then its sat at 35mpg wether on the motorway or in town. Before I went to the garage I had up to 58mpg! Anyway... I brushed that off as the guage wasnt moving much.

Tonight, all of a sudden, the glow plug light starts flashing whilst Im driving and I loose power, cant get above 60. Also seems to be a "rattle" (like the rattle you hear from a diesel when its struggling at low revs).

After much searching online, it appears Focus TDCi's had a fair amount of issued with the acc. pedal with variable resistors etc malfunctioning, always cured by replacing the pedal assembly. Same story for each person as I have had above...

Cannot find so much on the Mondeo's with this issue, but it has come up a time or 2 before. Has anyone else had this?

My thinking is, as its cheapest, buy a pedal assembly, if that doesnt work, get garage to test/check injectors.

Ive only just managed to get out of a long term overdraft and dont fancy going back into it, but if it'll be injectors, then I guess I have no choice. The annoying gripe is that Ive just sold my last vehicle TONIGHT which I sold because of an injector issue!!! :@ madness.

Theres no leaking of diesel, no fumes, no smoke, no nothing untoward from the engine bay. Injectors seem dry and fine...

Hello mate.

Sounds like the same problem I had with mine.
Bought it 5 months ago, drove home in it got home with a big smile on my face.
Car went well looked great [zetec s model] all in all well happy.
Went out for a spin with my two boys after having some dinner, put foot down as I pulled on to dual carriage way - NOTHING - GLOW PLUG LIGHT FLASHING ON AND OFF. - Car running in limp mode, no turbo, could hear it spinning up but no boost from it.
This turned out to be two injectors were above knock tolerance.
Best to get it diagnosed on a computer before you start spending any money.
Some garages don't charge for that, but most do and it vary's quite a lot on how much.

where abouts are you in Surrey?
My mate runs a garage in Twickenham and he does not charge for diagnosis.

Hi Simon

Thanks for the message!

Sounds exactly like what you had. It wouldnt start this morning (might have started if I gave it a bit more time but is progressively worse than it was last night).

Im near Farnham in Surrey - Twickenham is a bit far for me to be able to get to, Ive called some places and found it cheapest at £30 for diagnostic test from an ex-ford specialist/garage. Ive got to drive it about 10 miles to get there which I hope wont be a problem or create any further damage.

How much did you pay for the 2? I have no previous history as to the injectors being replaced but full service history. It makes me wonder if 1 or 2 have been done before as Ive heard if only 1 is replaced then the others tend to go a few months down the line.

Im really gutted about this, I was loving the car, couldnt wait to drive it each day and later today was supposed to drive down to Gatwick (40/50 miles or so)... but now cannot :(

A lot of people say "sods law" but Collins English Dictionary has just announced that they've made a special "sam's law" for these cases. Absolutely bloody typical I sell a van with injector problems (buyer was aware!) then on the same night, my Mondeo goes...!!!
30 not bad for diagnosis, I had quotes up to 80.

The actual work was done by mate, he uses Watsons Diesels for injectors, they are not the cheapest but have been going for years and have some very good reviews.
The actual bill from Watsons was something like 310 including vat for reconditioning the 2 injectors, I did look on ebay for injectors and there were some for as cheap as 80 each.
Obviously you have the worry that when you get them they are not going to be the right ones, then you have to wait while they are sent back and then replacements sent out.

With regard to them all needing doing at once, I did ask my mate about this he said you can never tell, some people would advise doing them all a the same time, but in his experience there is no telling if the others will go in a short period of time or if they will last for the rest of the life of the car.
I have done the 2 that were the problem as I could not afford to do the other 2. The car seems to be running fine but I am going to try BG244 injector cleaner, there have been some excellent reviews on this stuff on FOC, it's a once a year cleaner that by all accounts makes a hell of a difference. It's not cheap, but as with everything you get's what you pay for. check it out see what you think.
Links below.

Hi Again.

Have now tried this stuff out and have got to say I am impressed.
I had two injectors replaced when I first got the car and on Friday morning I was panicking, the car had developed a noticeable misfire on cold start up I was thinking that one of the other two injectors was on the way out.
When I got in to work the can of BG244 fuel system cleaner that I had ordered a couple of days earlier had been delivered.
Car misfiring again at lunchtime - cleared again with a little spin up the road and back.

Put it in the tank and filled up with diesel that evening on the way home from work.
Did approx 30 miles that evening and on start up Saturday morning [frosty and cold] there was no misfire, a few more miles during Saturday and when started Sunday morning [in the snow] no misfire and noticeably quieter and smoother tick over.
Remains to be seen if it makes any difference on the mpg, but all in all well impressed so far.

Hi Simon

thanks for your info! Sounds like stuff really worth while getting! Ill defo give it a try at some point in the next few months.

Update for my situation - have had a diagnostics guy turn up today, found 3 faults, 2 to do with pressure and the other as 1 injector not meeting the correct settings. All reset, fuel additive used, I think it was wynns. Light has stayed off since, done about 30/50 miles so far. Hes advised not to put my foot down for a while. He thinks the last batch of diesel might have been bad... I think he was right! I used sainsburys finest budget diesel!

So far so good... engines stopped throwing itself around, idle is ok, not perfect but seems to drive as it did before AND starts first time now. Im not getting my hopes up... but I hope its worked! I wont be using cheap diesel anymore!

I have a 500 mile trip next week. It best behave for that!
How much was it to get the ecu reset? Did you have any warning lights
I had glow plug light flashing which basically engine management warning, and engine went in to limp mode.
He got the two injectors re-conditioned and then fitted and programmed them. Not sure if that involves resetting the ecu or not.

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