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Full Version: Dodgy Revs And Idling 2009 1.8 Petrol
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I've had some issues with the revs of my car for a while now. After starting from cold, the idle revs would be about 1100rpm and then settle down to 900rpm after a few mins, then down to 700-800rpm when warmed up. This seemed a bit high.

The issue was that when it was cold and you pressed and released the accelerator pedal, the revs dipped really low, sometimes almost stalling. So I took the car to a local Ford dealership and they said they ran diagnostics and reset the idle parameters etc on the car's computer. So nothing manual.

Now the car still idles at the rpms above, but the dipping revs issue when pressing the accelerator has gone. However another intermittent issue has arisen whereby when I'm driving along and then slow down to a standstill, braking with the clutch disengaged, the revs go up to about 2500 - 3000rpm! And then once stationary, go down again.

My question is, does this sound like an idle control valve problem? I don't know if my car has one?
Hi mate.
Yes i got mine sorted in the end and touchwood has been fine for the last few months! Its like driveing a different car!
It turned out to be throttle body and i had a new one replaced! This didnt show on ford diagnostics fault finder they found it by carrying out a volt test or something and it was definately causing the issues. Unlucky for me was my car had gone out off warranty and they quoted me 450 for a new one, i argued it with them as the issues had occurred during warranty and had been into them numerous times. I had to be pretty pushy with them and they reduced it by 50%. Helped my wallet a bit but was just glad to get sorted really! Dont let them fob u off with diagnostics bullshit or pcm updates as this is an easy charge especially if they dont find any codes! Hope u get sorted. Think to buy the part costs 185 plus fitting but argue it if still in warranty.
In addition to my post above, the revs at idle u describe in the opening paragraphs seem fine. Its all controlled electronically (ECU) and no way of tweaking them. My revs fluctuate between 700-800rpm constantly sometimes bit below 700 i find it varys dependent on outside air temps and weather conditions, do u feel a slight shudder/pulse in the cabin when stationary? This is perfectly normal, it concerned me for a number of months. Check that throttle body. There is also a simple test u can do to check your idle valve (i googled a description of how to do it) hope this helps
[b]Idle valve check[/b]

A quick check for the idle speed control valve:
1. Warm car up to normal temp.
2. Switch all electrics on - heated screen/window/fan/lights etc etc.
3. Rev up to 3,000 rpm and hold for a couple of secs.
4. Let go pedal and watch revs drop.
5. If they drop to about 1,000 then slowly down to around 850, the valve is ok.
6. If they drop straight to around 600 or so, then the valve is faulty.
If the engine does not cut out when the car is stationary, switch the lights, heated screens, heater etc on with it idling. Now quick rev up to above 3,000rpm and lift foot straight off accelerator pedal. Does the engine die now?
1. If it does then possible dirty throttle body or dirty/faulty idle speed control valve
2. If the revs drop down to about 1,000rpm then go down to normal idle speed then the idle speed control valve is NOT faulty.[/indent]
Thanks Gregg. I just did your test and the revs did drop slowly to about 2000 hovered a bit then went down to about 900.

I can't get the issue to reappear on cue. It's just sometimes when slowing down to standstill, clutch disengaged, and the revs go up!
difficult to say exactly what! Have u Checked for any air leaks on hoses? If it only happens intermittently could be a sticky throttle. If its still in warranty get it in to Ford and tell em to sort it. Don't let them flog u a diagnostics fee though cause it wont bring up any fault codes! Hope u get it sorted ok, best of luck.
Turns out it was a faulty auxiallry drive belt tensioner. Local Ford dealership replaced this and the belt itself under warranty and not had any issues since.
Hello chaps,

I read your experiences with this problem with great interest as I was having them too. I've just got my 2008 Focus 1.8 Zetec back from the dealer and it drives like a different car.

So what was the cure? A free PCM update. Stop-start traffic is not the ball ache it once was!

I bought a 2nd Hand 2009 Ford Focus 1.8 sport from a Ford Dealer and it had a rough hunting and sometimes it nearly stalled, well this was the Throttle body that needed replacing but I still have the issue that when its cold it will tick over normal but as I drive up the road for a mile or two and if I drop the clutch the revs are between 2000 - 2500 rpm but when I took it back to the Ford dealer they say that this is okay.



All the best 

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