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Full Version: 2008 Focus Dashboard Display Units Of Measurement
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Hello eveyone! I have a 1.8 zetec and a small problem with the potential to drive me right up the wall :)

I'd like to display the external temperature in Celcius and the trip computer info in Miles. In the computer options I can choose to display either metric or imperial but of course these leave me with celcius&km or farenheit&miles. The manual suggests it's possible but doesn't actually seem to say how to do it. Am I asking the impossible? Do I have to compromise? Will my sanity be saved? Thanks in advance!
Change units to imperial, leave the menu. Switch to display temperature - it will be in Farenhait degrees. Press and hold reset button - units will switch to Celcius. Done you have Celcius degrees and miles.
[color=#0000ff][font=comic sans ms,cursive]You need to hold the reset button in as pidu above said for several seconds before it will change.[/font][/color]
Nigel S
Scroll through the menu with the stalk conrol until the temperature is displayed in the centre of the screen (as well as the top) then press and hold the button on the end of the stalk until you hear a beep and the display changes.
Many thanks, that worked a treat! Sanity, preserved.

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