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Full Version: Focus 1.8 Tdci 115 Mk1, Glowplug Lamp On And Engine Dies!?
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I was coasting down a hill 2 days ago and happened to glance at my rev counter which was surprisingly reading zero!!!
I dipped the clutch, blipped the throttle and - - - - nothing, the engine had cut out!
Rolled to a stop, restarted and it ran just fine.
Later the same day same thing, overtaking a truck this time eeeeek.

Anyone any ideas?

It is laid up now till a fix can be found, to dangerous to drive.

Where are you in Devon? If you aren't too far I may be able to pop by and have a look for you (depending on work/family etc)
Hey Dan,

Thanks for the offer, I am in deepest darkest Plymouth.

PL9 8UY on google earth.

Where are you?

I decided to change the thermostat whilst it is laid up but the threads stripped out of the housing and I am awaiting a replacement.

Should arrive by tuesday lates and be running weds latest.

Thank god I have another car, not to impressed with Ford right now..
Plymouth's not that deep or dark.
GUZ is a great place.
Nothing wrong with where you live either.
I'm by the city centre.
It sounds af if the throttle potentiomometer is on it's way out on your car Mc Butler... You may need a diagnostics check to confirm this, but i'm pretty sure your symptoms are indicative of a faulty potentiomometer (SP?)

When i had mine replaced it was a different car! So much more responsive, and better economy too! If memory serves me correctly it was about 90 quid for a new one, plus 30 quid fitting.
£90 QUID!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats it made of, platinum?

I have heard this on several forums, also the camshaft position sensor. Apparently the new item is upgraded to give a higher voltage signal to the ECU.

Will try that before £90 on a pedal and £50 on a diagnostic.
check/replace the fuel filter... the recent cold weather can cause diesel to Wax up and block the filter.
Good suggestion, will check that out.

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