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Full Version: Only Firing On 3 Cylinders
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Hi folks, I have a 2004 Mondeo Zetec which is only firing on cylinders 2/3/4. Has anybody had this problem? I would like some idea's before I go changing leads and plugs. The car was running fine before hand.

I think you'll have to pull the plugs.
Could be one has packed up.
Pull them out and compare colours.
If the one from the nonfiring cylinder is different then you'll know for sure.
Things to check - plugs - ht - coil.
Could at a stretch be a leak on the inlet manifold, had that on an old car a few years ago and the car ran on 3 cylinders until the revs came up and then it kicked in again.
Try spraying some carb cleaner or easy start around the manifold and see if they all start running, it that works then it's a manifold gasket leak or a cracked manifold.


I second that advice, things like this are usually fairly simple and either way you'll have to take out your plugs. But as Clive above me said check how they look (colour etc) and compare them. HT leads are cheap enough and so are spark plugs (I put some NGKs in my car a few weeks ago and the set cost me £6 on eBay).

Worst case it could be an injector, easily changed but don't know about cost. Probably quite cheap as these engines are really popular.
As the others have said.
You say it was running fine before, before what? have you been doing anything to the car?
Thanks for the advice, I switched plug no.1 with 3 and put no. 1 ht lead on no. 3 it fired, so I am down to the coil pack, if the plug and lead are ok. As I have not got a coil pack handy, I wont know until tomorrow.
[b] [url="user/27973-pragmatix/"]pragmatix[/url] The car was driving/starting perfectly before this happened[/b]
Well folks, coil pack it was and its back to running perfect.
Hope we were of help to you. :)
Hmmm I wonder if a coil pack issue could be giving me my rough idle. Already ruled out egr, we shall see what Bg244 does first I think.

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