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Full Version: Washer Jets?
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Just a question about the washer jets on my focus mk2.5 titanium (60 plate) , does anyone know if the washer jets are heated or not ?

Also while on the subject ,has anyone got a good recomendation for screenwash that works well in the winter ,as mine was either frozen the last few weeks or empty , just filled it up with some halfords double concentrate at 1:1 to see if that helps as before I had no idea what was in the tank as Ive not had the car long and fords proberly stuck any old rubbish in it.

You have titanium trim so washer jets should be heated. It is easy to check it - remove bonnet insulation and you should see washer jets plugs and wiring.

Heated jets will not help if your washer fluid in the tank is frozen.

Unfo can not recommend any screenwash. I use my at least 1 year old supplies
of Sonax winter screenwash, do not know if and where it could be available.
to prevent the freezing you should not add any water just pure screenwash but the pipes can still freeze if its get cold enough
Ive been using holts screenwash from Costco, never mixed it any stronger than 4 to 1 and never had any issues. Last year i was running with a summer mix into december and it didn't cause any issues.
Depends where the washer bottle is the foci has it under the wheel arch rather than in the engine bay where the engine heat would defrost it .
At minus 12 mine froze slightly at a 3to1 mix
According to my handbook the heated windscreen also defrosts the washer jets. I hadn't realised they were linked.
thanks everyone

Yeah mine is just above the wheel arch , I've heard screenwash can go a bit gunky if used neat and clog up is that true?

Will check mine soon to see if they are heated or not , I had a feeling that if I did have the heated jets that the front heated windscreen button would also do the jets.

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