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Hi, I have just recently got my Focus. Its a 2007 1.8 TDCi which has done 73K miles. The car is driving OK, its doesn't feel that powerful but it starts OK and pulls OK, I have never driven one of these before so I don't have anything to compare it too. There is a small burst in the hose pipe going to the turbo which I have taped up and I just received my replacement silicone pipe today. The thing I am surprised at is the low MPG, its only around 36.5 according to the computer, I was expecting at least the low 40's.

I am going to change the oil, all the filters, replace the burst hose pipe and put in a can of BG244. I just wondered if it was worth using Wynn's EGR3 spray to clean the EGR valve as well?. Am I right in thinking that I would spray the can into the area where I am replacing the burst pipe anyway? Any other suggestions to why the MPG could be poor?

Sounds as if your covering all the basic's, I used both the BG244 (if it done anything i have no idea - sounds good though) and the Wynns EGR cleaner spray (both at the same time so thats why i am not sure if the BG stuff made a different.

Personally i would do all your going to do including the EGR cleaner, reset the MPG figure and then see how it feels to drive and check out the MPG figure again after a few weeks (more depending on the amount of miles you do) and report back. A proper good service will properly make a difference if its not been done for a while.

I got the 1.8tdci too and average MPG on screen reads 46mpg at the mo - get approx 520 miles out of a fuel tank - was more like 540 during the warmer weather.
Thanks, that's the kind of MPG I was expecting mid to high 40's. When you used the EGR3 spray, was it the 90 degree elbow pipe that you removed and sprayed in there?
See here - my thread with pics when Used the Wynns stuff


Hmmm yer, I was expecting around 50mpg myself - still I need to do a air & fuel filter change soon (or just get it serviced - oils done) myself but getting upto 540 miles out of the tank makes me happy as me old 1.8 petrol escort was lucky to give me 320 miles and the diesel only costs about £2 or £3 extra to fill up!!
So just to be sure, I simply spray the whole can of EGR3 in slowly in the direction of the red arrow in the picture below?

does it really work?
[quote name='rattyc5' timestamp='1328728996' post='165526']
does it really work?

I have read of many people having success and a noticeable improvement in their cars after using EGR3. It's probably not as good as manually stripping everything down and cleaning thoroughly be hand if you have the ability, but I believe its a lot of work to do this in the Focus.
Yes & Yes!!

(I recognise that pic :P )

It seems to work ok and I noticed a difference. Might actually do another can myself.

The 1.8TDCI is, so I’ve read, a pain to actually strip and clean as its part of the manifold etc – so this it the next best thing. I saw a nice sooty patch on the driveway after using this – so better sticking it on side of road and do it there – keep your driveway clean LOL.

Find two differing usage instructions – one saying spray with car idling and the other saying have someone holding the revs and 2 (or maybe it was 3) thousand revs!!! – I done it at idle – will do the at xx revs next time!! Anyhow you spray in a bit, the engine will stutter etc then return to normal then you spray again – will take about 10/15 mins to use the whole can.

Hope this helps – report back with results/thoughts once done.
Great Barry thanks for the confirmation. I'll hopefully get it done at the weekend and see if there is an improvement.

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