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Full Version: Egr Valve 1.6 Tdci Location?
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Can anyone help me find the location of my EGR valve. I have a 06 1.6 tdci focus and I want to clean out the valve. Pictures would be most helpfull.
Mozo Jojo
EGR valve is behind the engine, if you take the cover off, you will see it just behind the engine, half way down. Keep in mind that if you have and electronic EGR it will be harder to clean. Also if you take it out make sure you clean the hoses getting in and out of it also.
Thank you for your response. I have now found it. I will try and clean it in situe for now because it looks like a right pain to remove?
Mozo Jojo
it is :) also some models have a radiotor fitted, depends on where the car was built (germany or spain). Also if you think it is jamed there are 2 things to consider :

1) if it is jammed in close position you are a lucky guy :) because that mean your turbo gets fresh air only, and that is the best news ever :P
2) If it is stuck on open you will have a lack of power, and also limp mode sometime soon.

The way to know, without taking it off, if it is stuck or not is simple : Have the hood up in a quite place, put a mate to start your car and let it run for a minute, then have him stop the engine. In the next few seconds, 10-15 the most, you should hear clicking sounds. These are made by the egr valve opening and closing to get unstuck as a precaution, or a fail safe (it should do this every time you stop the engine). When you don't hear those sounds anymore, you can start getting worried :). If you are able to hear that sound, you should be fine, and maybe give it like 3000-3500 rpms next time you run the car, drive it a bit sportish to get the glogs out.

Also make sure you unplug you battery if you try anything on it. or else you could get a short circuit on the plug and you are done ... more or less. And i could recomend using Wynn's for cleaning it. There is also a kit that they sell, you could clean it in theory without taking it off, but it is better to clean the hoses around it as much as you can so it is better you you take the egr off the car.

Good luck.
Hi Mozo jojo,
I have started the engine this morning and it does make the clicking noise when switched off. So that means its working ok? The problem I have been having is lack of power at high revs. I have recentley had a new turbo, oil pipe, engine flush etc, and it was fine.
Just lately it has been low on power at high revs. Also when ticking over it seems to be rough, vibrating more then usual. And when I ecelerate I can feel a slight vibration through the foot pedal and drivers seat. It does not happen all the time that's why I thought it could be the egr valve sticking? Do you have any more theory's?

thanks for your help.
Mozo Jojo
The fact that you can hear that ticking noise when stopping the engine means that you EGR valve is not stuck, that doesn't mean it is not dirty. With this said, i don't think that a stuck EGR valve gives you vibrations thru the pedal. i am about 90% sure. At least I've never had this problem (and i only had fords in the past also, mondeo, fiesta, focus and so on), or read about it. I now have the same engine as yours, i have a Focus 1.6 tdci 109hp, just eliminated the DPF on it. It could also be the DPF maybe.

You said you had a new turbo installed, did they also make the calibrations for your car using IDS (ford diagnostic) and stuff? This is something that the must do when changing turbos, injectors and so on, or even if they took the injectors off. If you took the injectors off to have them cleaned, make sure they put them in the same order. If not, this could be the reason for the vibrations. I am telling this because services here in Romania and junk, and i always try to stay with the car thru the process, because they would always forget some steps :). I don't know if that is the case in the UK.

Anyway, i really don't know what advice to give you about the vibrations. The only thing i can say is that you could try eliminating the issues one by one, to see if it's really the EGR is just unplug it and run your car a bit like that. If the vibrations continue, it may be another issue not the EGR. You will get a warning light in your car, but you can unplug the battery for about 15-20 minutes and it should go away.

When i had DPF problems, my engine would vibrate at about 3000-3100 rpms, it would tens to stick there a bit and had to press the pedal hard a few times and it would pass 3100 rpms. also around those numbers, the rpms would bounce, even though i would hold a steady pedal.

I also found a tutorial about getting and removing EGR valve that i wanted to share with you. It is in Romanian unfortunately but there are lots of pictures on how the get to it. Maybe it helps. The hole thing is about deleting the EGR actually, it's taken from a Swedish ford forum i think.

I am sorry i can't help you more. If you have any questions please let me know and i hope you get your car fixed.
Hi Mozo Jojo

We cannot View the Pictures from the website that you have provided.

I Suggest that you create a photobucket account and upload them to there as this is what we all do on this forum to share pictures (ford related)

Jamie :-)
Mozo Jojo
Hey Jamie,

Sorry, forgot you have to have a user to see photos there. This is the link, hope you can see them :

Also i see you have my engine :) 1.6 tdci 109hp (110PS) with a custom non maintenance DPF ? where did you get that ?
I just had mine deleted ... or better said emulated, and left the cat only. I must say it is better without it :) and here i can pass MOT without it.

PS: the pictures are named egr1, egr2 and so on ... and that is the order to follow to get to it.
Thank you for your help, I will try and run it with the plug off for a bit and see if that does anything.

Also when the turbo was done, the guy who done it noticed that part of the down pipe had been re welded. It seems as if someone had opened the down pipe and removed part of a filter? Would this be right. I seen it on the Internet that a few garages were doing this? Would that have anything to do with the DPF?

Thanks for your help.
Mozo Jojo
the downpipes, on these engine have an engineering fault, they are fixed to the engine thru a bolt (or a strut ... i can't remember the term in english :S ). That bolt, because diesels vibrate more then petrol engines, will break lose on most cars, and has to be welded back, or just welded so they don't get false air in thru any crack in the hose. I had the same issue on mine. Now it is not attached to the engine anymore, and it can't break :). So it has nothing to do with DPF. DPF and CAT are mounted on the exhaust line, and it is found in front of the engine, just below the turbocharger housing, you will see an aluminum kind of cover, and and in that is the housing for the DPF+CAT.
Thank you for that information, You have been a great help. 😃
I have just gone out and ran the car hot. (driving at 3000 rpm) it developed a very under powered drive. Then it kangarooed quite bad. Any ideas?
Mozo Jojo
I would suggest you check injectors and turbocharger, rather then DPF or EGR. These two will get you in limp mode if they fail (limited to 3000 rpms), but the car would still run, very slow, but not angaroo style :)
And because of this i am thinking injectors, or maybe a loose/broken hose somewhere.

My guess would be that mechanics did not do a good job on your car.
Like i told you any work on turbocharger => recalibration on ECU
any work on injectors => recalibration on ECU

These are done using ford diagnostic tool IDS, or specific tools, but they have to be done no matter what.

Things you can also check alone :

Turbo pressure : Have some one accelerate the car from idle to like 2500 rpms. Mean while just press the rubber hose coming just after the turbo, and see if you feel the pressure increase. This should happen starting on 1750 rpms.

Turbo fan : take the hose that goes from air filter to tubo aside, and you will see the fan inside the turbo, you a screwdriver or something to try and see if it moves up and down, if it does it is bad.

Hoses : Take the plastic cover off the engine. You will see that the hose has another smaller hose attached. Check if the clips are ok, usualy they have a tendancy to break, also from poor engnieering.

Injectors : while you have your cover off, look at the injectors, make sure there are no oil spills near them.

All in all, visual checks, i would not recomend doing something to the tubo, or injectors as a diy job.
EGR can be cleaned no problem, it's just had getting it out or in again, but anything else, i would not recomend unless you know what you are doing.

Hope you get it fixed, because from my pased experiences i can tell you that it was something small, and you usualy don't think abut things like that :)

Good luck.
I drove my focus for 25 miles today. High revs In places! It drove perfectly, back to full power? It seems to have cleared since yesterday? I ran it hot and it was fine? I just hope that what ever it was has now cleared.
Mozo Jojo
great news ;)

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