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Hey lads.
I was thinking of maybe changing the bulbs in my focus as it seems alot of you do it around here so it must be for a good reason :).
I'm wondering which bulbd I should change for the best effect?

My car: Focus mk2.5 colour Vision blue if that helps.
I don't want to purchase from ebay if possible.

Any help will be much appreciated :).
headlight bulbs osran night breakers are the best
side lights xenon diamond whites

reverse bulb cree

stay clear of the leds i have a post up on them and they are useless
Just given up on Osram Nightbreaker, the last pair only lasted 3 months and at about £25 a pair its just not worth it.
called into Aldi this evening and picked up a spare bulb kit with 2 H7s in for £5.99. Still have Nightbreakers in the main beam but following other cars dip beam is ok,, given up on the auto head lights as they turn on and off at the slightest shadow..
Only thing is fellas I dont want to use ebay :(.
Find your local parts shop, they usually have them in stock and if not should order them for you.
[quote name='Envyus' timestamp='1328818298' post='165765']
Only thing is fellas I dont want to use ebay :(.

Yeah might check halfords out mate :).
I use standard Narva bulbs. Good price, good light and they last for a long time. Recently I have read a topic about bulbs available at Lidl stores - it was explained that they are in fact product of Tesla, they are made in Osram factory in Germany on the same production line. H7 kit (2 bulbs) is just a few quid. Will try them next time.
I tried some expensive bulbs before, but they are way to expensive in my opinion and they last only for 1 to 4 months if you do a lot of night driving or use lights during day.
Osram Nightbreaker plus are good for brightness although mine only lasted 4 months, although I do a lot of driving in the dark. I got those ones on the bay so I tried Amazon instead and got this pair from amazon:

Also got some free sidelight bulbs which was a nice surprise as they are whiter than the original ones and go well with the osrams. Hopefully they will last a bit longer than the pair I got from ebay :)
Yeah idealy I would like to get the full set if I can: headlights, sife lights, reversing lights and number plate lights.
I dont suppose you can buy the full set can you?

Sorry for the stupid questions /i am learning :)
Search ebay for ford xenon bulb kit you get headlights side lights main beam and fog lights 15 quid they are bright good quality and last long
Philips Bluevision ultra - dipped beam H7
philips bluevision - sidelights
osram nightbreakers or philips x-treme vision - full beam H1

all give good light output and a white light

Powerbulbs is where I got mine and you get the sidelights free

[quote name='artscot79' timestamp='1328831235' post='165824']
Search ebay for ford xenon bulb kit you get headlights side lights main beam and fog lights 15 quid they are bright good quality and last long

I don't want to purchase from ebay mate.
Why not ive got an ebay xenon kit in and have done for 7months lasted longer than my osrams and i got the whole kit what you buy in the shops isnt that different
[quote name='Envyus' timestamp='1328887723' post='165889']
I don't want to purchase from ebay mate.

Because I got screwed over sometime ago on ebay for a decent ammount of cash and I decided to never use it again so closed my account along with my paypal.

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