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Full Version: Fiesta - Brakes Squeaking
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I have a Fiesta Titanium 1.4, 2011

Does anyone have any ideas as to why my brakes would be squeaking, with only 8,500 miles on the clock?

I don't think its the sort of squeaking heard when pads have worn out! Just a small squeak when I'm just about to stop. As I drive sensibly, I thought the pads would last at least 20,000 miles?!

Hi Ryan,

I have a 2011 titanium too (14,000 miles) and I get a tiny squeak as I come to a stop, but only when its wet or freezing. It doesn't bother me though.

Does yours squeak all the time?

Hi Paul, well I've only just noticed it recently, so thought it could be to do with the weather but wasn't sure.

Just wondered if it happens to anyone else, lets hope it stops when the weather warms up!

I've got the same on my car since it got really cold
I also have this problem..... <_<

2.5yrs old with 15000 miles.

I hear its a design flaw.
Hmm! Cheers for the replies.
My car was in yesterday for Econocheck and I mentioned the brake sqeak. They checked the pads and they are only about 60% worn. They said it's the salt that causes the squeak. They have cleaned the pads and the brakes are silent now.
Oh, thanks for the info!
I have a 2009 Fiesta 1.4 TDCI with 34,500 miles on the clock, and for the past 4-6 months the front brakes have had a squeak at low speed. The braking is ok. Today the car is in for servicing and I have just been informed that the brake pads are crumbling and the disc's have only 1mm of wear left. I am not a heavy braker and have never had a problem with any Ford I have owned, 12+ from new. Is there a desing fault with the Fiesta braking system?
Matthew Blackledge
Quite often it is a build up of dust and crud. If you spray some brake cleaner in there it will often flush out the rubbish for a while and resolve the issue until it builds up again. Make sure you do it when their cold though otherwise you could risk cracking a disc.

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