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Full Version: Cost For Ford To Diagnose Rough Idle
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Hi All,

I have a MK6 Ford Fiesta 1.25 and ever since i bought the car it has had a rough idle and often stall when starting cold. Around Christmas i had a bad misfire and replacing coil pack, ht leads and spark plugs fixed this. Now i want to get the idle sorted. I've heard it could be a number of things including idle control valves, lambda sensor, mass airflow sensor etc. I'm a little low on cash right now does anyone know how much it would cost for ford to diagnose the problem?

p.s the engine management light has never came on even when i had the misfire.

Cheers matthew,
There are so many things it could be, but I would start by putting a good fuel cleaner in the tank.
Already put a bottle of redex through 2 tanks did notice an increase in power :)

Don't mess around nit picking things that it might be, you will likely rack up a huge bill and achieve nothing but frustration.

Don't take it to Ford, any repair centre can diagnose via the diagnostic equipment what your problem is. If they cannot pin it down exactly they can certainly put you on the right track.

Halfords charge around £55 for a diagnostic, get one done and make sure they give you any fault codes that are recorded from your car.

Then go here [url=""][/url] select ford as the manufacturer in the topp right box, then enter the code in the box below.

Good luck and DONT PANIC........................much ;-)
Hi Mark,

The thing is the engine management light has never came on once during all the time i have owned the car, would there still be codes produced?

Thanks for your help!
There could still be codes pending.

We had a similar issue with our SportKA. It took a week for the garage to pin down what it was and that was with Ford Tech team help. Everything was tested and looked OK. Even had a cylinder pressure leakage test as well as compression tests. It turned out to be a combination of the Coil Packs not communicating correctly with the ECU (previous 3 tested OK but on comms test only the 4th coil pack tried was OK), and a fuel injector was playing up intermittantly.

Fortunately my local Indy only charged me 2 hours labour and for the parts. Otherwise with a week of looking the cost would easily of out weighed the cars value.

If you lived anywhere near me I could put my code reader on it. They are only £24 on eBay. One of the best tools I ever bought.
Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your help!
I went and bought a code reader off of amazon for £15 and i'll plug it in and see what i get.

I'll keep you all updated,
Cheers Matthew,

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