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Full Version: Rubbish Heater
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i have a 99 18 zetec focus and the heater is rubbish, fitted new thurmasat and still the same any one
have any ides ,
Should i flush out the heater matrix or are they rubbish
Flush it out give it a good clean then refill
when you refill do it slowley to get the air out that should do it.
Ive got the 18 petrol and the heater is great hope this helps.
If there is one thing that Ford do well its heaters, a flush and a good bleed is what is needed
okay :D thanks
Its possible that the water pump needs replaced if the issue is poor heat but having had one the heater was pretty good
Hi flushed the heater and still not that good , It dos get hot and the temp gos up to the middle
Sounds like an air lock, but sorry I dont know the bleed sequence
The way i usually bleed the system say after i,ve done a head gasket is make sure rad is topped up to max on coolant expasion tank with correct mix of anti freeze leave the cap off put the blower on max vent to windscreen let the car warm up then at an high idle say 1500 rpm for about ten mins or until the air coming out of vent is hot never failed yet give it a go and let us know

ill second that ford usually when i saw the mechanic do it he removed the expansion cap and let the engine idle with heaters on max hot set to face and fan on 4 then rev to 1500rpm for 5 minutes then let it idle again till you get hot air through the vents replace cap and youre done. as stated before it could be a water pump issue make sure the rad gets hot and the lower rad hose
The heaters on my current focus are pretty poor i must admit, unlike the climate control on my previous focus... I'll try flushing out my matrix to see if it makes any difference ;)

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