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Full Version: What Colour Is My Ford?
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Does anyone know what colour it is? I mean what Ford call it? It was advertised by the private owner as "Tango-red" its that sort of orangy reddy colour...

Hopefully you can tell by the pics :/

Its a 57 reg Ford Focus Style... if that helps :/

Enter uor reg no here [url=""][/url] and it will be revealed
Aha "Tango" lol... thanks very much :)

Hmm something sounds funny about driving a "Tango-coloured car..."
You've been tango'd! mind you, I quite like that shade!
[quote name='jeebowhite' timestamp='1329145425' post='166435']
You've been tango'd! mind you, I quite like that shade!

It has grown on me... I mean I actually liked the car when I saw the ad, but wasn't 100% sure on the colour. However I think I'd pick it again if I had a choice...(Judging by the nick on the bonnet I received from a flying stone today the choice might come a lot sooner!)
bar steward stones :@ I have a few of those on my bonnet, I tried the chip stick it stops it rusting but it looks horrible... shame theres not any additional protection we can offer our bonnets :(
siiigh, agree. and some ******head forced me into a wall before xmas... well, forced my wing mirror onto the wall... so I've got a couple nice little scratches on that too!

If it wasn't for the fact my gf was in the car I'd have probably become "less than calm" and attempted to give chase...

Mind you, wing mirror covers can be had for a small fortune from Ford Stealers I suppose...

Unrelated, but I might change my front bumper one day for a Ford Focus Cabriolet bumper... It has a bit more depth to it... I am personally not interested in any significantly obvious mods, and I can't see me lowering the car any time soon due to practicality issues, but I have seen a focus with a cab bumper on and it looks nice :)

Of course coughing up the time, effort and money is always the issue :)
You could use the American style bonnet bra's.
Just have to say what a lovley colour it is! Looks fab!

You can also use a clear vinyl tape to cover the more likley to be damaged areas, im looking at doing this to the lower front bumper once I have it colour coded because the paint is prone to being chipped off. Iv seen complete cars wrapped with it too.
How about this?


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