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Full Version: Obd Software On Ebay
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anyone tried it? is it any good. there seems to be lots of sellers selling it from £10.00 - £25.00. you load it on your laptop and plug your laptop imto the car.


Depends which you are looking at, most of the time they are very good! it just depends what you want from that software really? oh and trusting your laptop can handle it!
We have a fairly good acer, I ordered software and lead with the hope (as advertised) I can fault diagnose and remap/tune
i went for this one: [url=""][/url]

i have heard the software is a bit hard to manipulate but im very car minded and computer literate so im hopping not to bad, but i can always download a different software.

Ill let you all know how i get one with it and what fault codes it throws up.

not sure how remaps will go, but certainly good luck to you! feedback on these things is always welcome as it helps others make an informed decision!
I have been looking at various different code readers for a while. The problem with cheap code readers is that most of them only read powertrain (engine) fault codes. If you have a problem with your ABS or airbags for example, then a cheap code reader will not be able to diagnose the fault. On the other hand a generic OBDII reader can be used on pretty much any modern car.

Another thing to bear in mind is that diesel cars pre-2004 are not OBDII compliant, and you could have problems with cheap code readers.

I have been looking a programme called Focom, this does all the usual code reader stuff, as well as live data. It also will code injectors, and talk to other modules. Pretty much main dealer level of diagnostics. Here is a link [url=""][/url]
The one I have purchased does include air bags and abs lights ect.

Iirc mondeo diesel have obdII as far back as 2001, and petrol as far back as 1997.

I love the idea of focom but it appears to be US version, will it work on UK spec fords or is there a cheaper alternative to use for things like injector re coding ??
Arrived today with a great help sheet linking to you tube vids ect to help.

will give a wiz tonight if i get a chance
Jay1981, just had a look at the one you posted, looks good, but its a hefty price tag!
software loaded, drivers loaded but the missus needs to do some sewing as she is behind on orders so im looking after little one, maybe tomorow lol
So was the software any good??
The lead worked but the software did not, downloaded a free one which seems to do the job.
Could you send me the link to the free one please? I have been trying to find something for weeks, my focus is mega snaggy.....

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