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Full Version: Mondeo Tddi 2001 5 Second Running The Dies
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Mondickiedoo tddi
hi i wonder if anyone can help me ive been reading some of the posts on here about the mondeo tddi 2001 starting and running problems . i seem to be having the same problems but the posts ive been reading never really said if or how they got the problem fixed so i will try and keep it short. mondeo 2001 2.0 tddi manual when i got the car 2 months ago it was running fine(ish) a little under powered compared to another 4 ttdi's ive driven every now and then the engine missed a beat felt like it was holding back then 3 weeks ago i was driving and i noticed after a 4 mile journey it was holding back more than usual then i was just like the car was running out of diesel miss firing lots of smoke from the exhaust for about 1/4 of a mile then it just died still turned over but not firing called the AA guy he done a few checks and told me theres no power going too or from the lift pump so he tapped the pump with his hand more like a thump he told me to turn the engine over and it started i drove it 5 mlies it cut out but im not sure if its the same problem but its different symptoms this time it just cut out no warning like misfire or smoke but to my surprise it started instantly but only for 5 seconds but it starts everytime for 5 seconds if i leave the car for well it veries 30 minutes to 5 hours it will start perfectly and travel another 5 miles after which the 5 second running problem reoccurs PLEASE HELP i was going to buy a new lift pump and fuel filter and fit them on but i dont understand the 5 second running or the 5 mile driving when it seems to be cold or built up pressure if it was the lift pump surely it wouldnt start and do 5 miles or the 5 second start ups its been doing and if like the AA guy said no power too or from the pump why is it starting and running fine(ish) for the 5 miles is there only power going to the lift pump when cranking the engine ? or when the engine is running ? or just with the ignition onThanks in advance
Could be that, I would check the fuel filter first though, I had that on my Focus, but it was related to Rev's not time. As soon as I went over 1800 revs the car cut out as it was taking air in and injecting air into the engine... needless to say it didnt like that and cut out. It was exaggerated by the cold (de ja vu?) so start by checking the fuel filter!
Mondickiedoo tddi
thanks for the reply jeebowhite yes i will change the filter but the guy i bought the car of said it had all new filters 3 months ago there is somthing else i noticed when its driving for the 5 miles i tried putting my foot down hoping to give it a good clear out and it wouldnt go over 3700 revs i pulled over turned the car engine off then restarted it then it was all ok again redlined perfect but only for so long then back to the 3700 revs until restarted
Mondickiedoo tddi
Just a quick update i fitted the new lift pump next to the tank today :) changed the relay next to the battery :( and still the same starts and runs for 5 seconds :angry: as anyone got any ideas i need help i also noticed the was no power to to lift pump i used a electric tester when i got the pump off and tested the the 2 pump connections with the ignition on and no power :(

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