Im looking into getting the focus remapped once im home from working abroard, Just after some advice really.

The car is a 05 focus 2.0TDCi with about 85K.

What power gain can I expect? Iv seen on various websites that anywhere between 20 and 40bhp.
What torque gain can I expect?
Also has anyone got any experience having had the same engine chipped regarding fuel economy? Iv read up to 12% more mpg when driven sencibly.

I also need to know Trusted local tuners, I live not far from Norwich. Will tuners offer dyno runs as part of the remapping deal or is this something you have to pay more for? I know dyno time is fairly expencive. Just wondered, im sure some tweeking will need doing when increasing the performance to get the best out of it.

Any advice would be much appreciated.