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Full Version: Attention Iphone 4 + Bluetooth Stereo Owners.
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I've created another topic in this forum as the previous topic in the audio forum didn't get any replies from Iphone + ford bluetooth owners.

Does anyone have issues with the iphone on ios 5 and the ford bluetooth not automatically connecting eachtime you turn the car on? I had major issues to begin with, the bluetooth not pairing, read errors etc but this was cured with the ford mobile connect update via the USB port - that solved most of the issues but the phone and stereo still wont automatically connect everytime I get in the car, it maybe connects 1 out of 10 times getting in the car. The stereo just sits at the searching screen looking for the phone but the phone doesn't respond. If i tell the phone to connect - it connects fine. It should work seemlessley though.

Just want to clarify if it is a known issue and somebody else has got the same problem or is it just my phone or car?

Thanks in advance.

For anybody that hasn't updated yet:

Before the iOS 5 update, mine would connect quickly but it doesn't since the update. What I found always works is to turn on Bluetooth on the phone and then switch on the headunit. If the headunit comes on with ignition then turn it off and then back on. This seems to connect every time for me.
Hi Reesmew,

the bluetooth on my phone is always on - so I will try turning on the headunit and then starting the car. Hopefully if that works I can then just turn on the stereo everytime I enter the car before actually starting it.

Fingers crossed. Thanks for the help, I'll update you to let you know how it went.
What headunit u using??

I have no issues and I was running a 4 and now a 4S...

I have the base spec 6000CD with Bluetooth and Voice Control Option...
I had a problem with my 4s not connecting. It would not recognise the ford Bluetooth. it tured out to be the phone. I restored my phone on iTunes. Then it paired up no problem. 😄
I'm having a similar problem, on iOS 6 on an iPhone 4 the cars Bluetooth appears but wont connect or even let me put the code in. Any ideas?
Update the software on your stereo. I had this problem in my fiesta on an iPhone 5 running iOS 6 yet it worked with my iPhone 4 on iOS 6?? Random.

The car would recognise Bluetooth and connect but then drop out and not find the phone book etc / play music.

After updating it works really well. Tracks seem to change a lot faster and less jumpy than before to :)
I have had no issues at all, I am running iOS 6 and never had any running in iOS 5 either.
How would you update the stereo? Just take it to the garage or is there a DIY method?

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