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Full Version: Ford Focus 2.5 Headlights
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hi guys wonder if any of you can give ne some pointers , just went down to shops tonite and noted my headlights not working , both of them , when i turn the know to put them on i hear a clicking noise , is it not unusual the 2 of them to go bust at same time or would it be a fuse or some sort , and any idea on a price of a fix , im in lanarkshire area and if anyone knows of a garage that can have a look with good reputation i would be much obliged , or is it easy to put in new bulbs remembering im a medical person not a mechanic lol

i would look at the fuses
think i have the manual somewhere if i can find , i hear the clicking noise coming from ,i believe ,the glove compartment would i be right m8 and do u know what one the fuse is
just had a look at the manual and found the position of the fuses , now i believe my main beams the ones that come full on are working the ones that blind people when on ,if thats right sorry if i am so newbie at this , i guess it is my dipped beams i am talking about , i think it odd that the two should go at the same time , fuses i mean , or even bulbs , it is 2 separate fuses for the headlights left and right side , it is stil under warranty do yo thnk i should take it to garage and let them have a look at it m8
[b]I had the exactly same problem with my MK2 Focus mate, it was only a year old when it first happened. I went to the dealership and they had a quick look at them. Couldn't come up with any faults, they replaced both of the bulbs and that solved the problem temporarily. After about 7 or 8 months this happened again, but I ordered Angel Eyes replacement headlamps, went to a garage nearby and they fitted them properly, haven't had a single issue yet. I have a feeling that it's either the fuse like the previous posts have said or it might be something to do with the wiring and something causing a problem with the circuit. I'd go over to any Ford dealer and just tell them that you have a feeling it might be the fuse, these guys are usually very helpful if you have any issues [/b][b] :)[/b]

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