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Full Version: Help!! Suspected Alternator Problem, Now Told It's Electrical...
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Hiya everyone. I own a 56 plate ford KA (clocked 50,000mi).
Two days ago I was driving home when my headlights started flickering - dimming and becoming overly bright at a pretty fast speed, I then noticed my dash-lights were doing this at the same time. Before too long my ignition warning light came on. I was frightened to drive any further (a girl on dark country roads by myself) so called the Breakdown.

Breakdown came out, had a tinker and told me he was sure it was my alternator -- battery had low charge (12.6v dropping to 11.2v when headlights were turned on), I have had the battery in there for 9months only. Followed me home.

Booked in at a local garage yesterday, they called me today to say that they didn't think it was the alternator as some wires connecting to it had corroded, so the guy replaced the wires - this made no difference and he suggested I took it to an auto-electrical specialist.

Just got back from dropping it off there and it was the most scary drive ever!!! Dash was flashing even though my headlights weren't on, ABS light came on, Airbag light came on, then all of a sudden my speedo cut out and my mileage clock. Leccy-specialist chap says that's cos I was running off of pure battery and I was lucky cos it'd just got me to destination.
He's going to take a look and call me with what's wrong and a price...

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be wrong?? :(
I'm a skinto student and can't afford big jobs... Don't wanna get ripped off! PANIC PANIC!!!
It does sound like the alternator , not supplying the battery and as he says running off the battery which would throw up loads of mad lights flicking etc etc.

If your not happy with the price they quote , you can of course take it to another gagrage.
it does sound like altinator to me from what last garage told you about battery
i would phone some garages and ask for a price for one supplied & fitted inc vat
atleast you will have an idea of cost
it will most prob be near £200

make sure they quote with vat
that's if it is the altinator
Thanks for the replies guys...

Right! Progress. Leccy guy says there was a break behind my fuse box which has been fixed AND a common fault in Ford KA's is for the plug which connects to the alternator to corrode. This had corroded and dropped off -- chap said all the guy at the first garage had done was shove the wires back in the terminals; which is no good to anybody (apparently) and is certainly not a permanent solution as the wires will just keep dropping out - causing the flickering, so this is why it was running off my battery. Said although he's not a mechanic, he's confident my alternator is fine as my car would have cut out at least a handful of times by now.

Says I also need a new plug now and for him to fit it correctly.
He said this should sort the problem and would tie-in with the issues I've been having.

He has quoted me £60 for the job.
Not gonna have Ronnie Kray back til tomorrow though... :(
Lol sounds like Ronnie will make a full recovery , at least so far alternator lives on with Ronnie
PMSL!!! It does... For now...
I do hope that's what the problem was and a week down the line my alternator doesn't decide to throw a curve ball. Think I was asking for trouble giving my car the name of a notorious Gangster all those years ago... :huh:
yes no a good omen giving a car a Dead persons name lol , maybe change it too a new born lol
I think you've had a good touch there - £60 is a good price.
May it ron for a few more years yet. :P
Stoney - The jokes dont get better.

Its always good news if a fix for what is causing major problems is so cheap. It sounds like you found a reliable and honest auto electrician as well.
[quote name='btmaldon' timestamp='1329855600' post='168066']
Stoney - The jokes dont get better.

Its always good news if a fix for what is causing major problems is so cheap. It sounds like you found a reliable and honest auto electrician as well.

I thought it was very subtle myself. ;)

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