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Darren T
The MOT changes in april this year (becomes a lot stricter on mods). Ie if the car steering wheel was originally fitted with a airbag and has been fitted with non standard steering wheel (momo etc) which does not have an airbag fitted to it the car will fail it's mot. I only found this out yesterday. Also a lot more stuff besides including warning lights, seat belt pre-tensioners etc. Just thought i would warn people. Put mot 2012 changes into a search engine to find out more.
[left]Visible wiring that is insecure, inadequately supported or likely to cause a short will also result in a failure as will wires bared by damaged insulation.

that's worth noting down. but depends how picky they're with mods like I've put a 12v extender from my central armrest's 12volt to next to my foot pedals then plug my satnav in there and ran the cable up the right where i mount it. cable is free and isn't clipped in anywhere.[/left]
have just read an artical that they are sticking to the 3 1 1 format for testing and not going to the 4 2 2 which europe wanted as well.
Darren T
The goverment seem hell bent on stopping modifying of any sort. Which will just send us back to the early 90's when nods were declared . I have also found that insurance company's are now charging excessive premiums for mods that a few years ago they added for no extra charge.
I think lots of people are going to find these rules a right pain. I will make sure to be extra vigilant when I prepare my car for the MOT this year.
they really dont scrimp do they!! all makes sense I have to say!

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