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Full Version: Mk3 Mondeo Exhaust
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As you know i have been having trouble with my car, but as of yet have never really heard it running that much from outside of the car, especialy not when under load. the missus has just pulled in straight after my neighbour in her vectra diesel and to be honest the mondeo sounds like a bloody tractor in comparison.

So is the tractor noise an a exhaust leak which is causing me my idle issues or is what ever the issue is causing a rough idle and tractor like noise?

unfotunatley she is not happy for me to take the laptop out to the car and plug it in for fault code reading becuase she is bloody idiot and thinks other things are more important!!!!!


A blowing exahust will cause it to sound like a tractor and wont help the idle if the blow is at the manifold
When I plug my computer in would it bring up a fault code relating to this??
Often, a blowing exhaust manifold can sound a bit like a tappet well out of adjustment when the engine is under load... Have you experienced an increase of fumes in the cabin since the problem manifested itself?
Wait till the missus has gone bed and connect the car up to the laptop and take it from there... I sprayed a set of alloys in kitchen when the missus went to bed, so i reckon you'd be ok sneaking the laptop out for a bit! ;)
Me and my missus concur that its tappety and our hand stink after driving the car. It's very oil like, the smell that is.

The car was recently hit in the rear and repaired damage was to passenger side rear.
I reckon then the exhaust has been shunted up a bit.
Manifold and all pipes need an eyeball.
nice, how easy is it to replace manifolds on these things?
Would a split pipe (egr pipe/intercooler pipe) cause the smell of diesel/oil in the cabin ???
[quote name='Z3 MON' timestamp='1329472737' post='167206']
Would a split pipe (egr pipe/intercooler pipe) cause the smell of diesel/oil in the cabin ???
May well do but I'd still check the exhaust thoroughly.
Easiest to let Qwikfit or suchlike to have a look at it.
Manifolds are a pig.
I used to work in an exhaust centre so I should be ok lol but I remember seeing residue on the pipe that comes of the egr and I know its common for them to split on the bend so ill have a look at that at the same time. Looks like ill be busy on it tomorow lol

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