Hi Guys,

So the issue was a poor idle and not so much a miss fire completley but a slightly off fire if that makes sense. also thought the car was a little loud and tappety, also had a garge sort of smell inside the car.

Here is a video of it on idle a second ago.


There does seem to be some kind of whoooshing noise, some kind of air leak towrds the front of the car. this i think could be exhaust, a hose or anything but its too windy to tell where its coming from. im gona try and nip out to the exhaust place now and get them to have a quick look.

To Date:

So i have used BG244 cleaner, removed egr and cleaned it and now i have done a full diag test using my new obd stuff.

Diag test showed no fault codes at all. however i done a few test for comparison on temps and flow.

Right so i bought that OBD lead and downloaded some software and these are the results:

On Ide:







and then i done it at 2000 RPM:




This what i have come up with.

1) why is there only a difference of 5KPA pressure on the inlet manifold, from idle (750rpm) and under load (2000rpm) it was often shooting up and dropping back down while im increasing the rpm at a steady pace. could this mean an inlet leak?

2) why is there no mass flow reading? im fairly sure its not a software issue so does this mean either there is no MAF on my car or could it mean the maf is faulty?

3)the idle was jumping around a little but fairl steady from 752-756rpm - is this a bit low? also is it usual for a slight flux on idle?

Thanks for reading.

all thoughts an opinions welcome