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Full Version: Automatic Windscreen Wipers, Electric Heated Windscreen
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Ok since owning my 2004 cmax my auto windscreen wipers don't sense rain, I put windscreen wiper stalk up 1 click and try all sencor level 6 to 1 but nothing the wipers do go once then stop, as far as I can remember I'm sure I put a hose on the sencor and they started working with a real heavy load of water hitting it, but with rain it just doesn't do anything, really frustrating.
And with my heated windscreen it doesn't seem to wanna work on both sides all the time, it does sometimes but generally really streaky.
Any ideas or thoughts that could help resolve the problem.
With the wipers, have you tried adjusting the sensitivity? There should be a thumbwheel on your wiper stalk which makes the rain sensor more or less sensitive.

The heated windscreens can become problematic over time. Do a search on this site as there are several posts which explain what to look for and how to repair.....
Well hopefully sorted automatic windscreen wipers out need some rain to test lol, had a mate take sensor off the windscreen and clean the sensor and inside of windscreen were sensor lives, hopefully it works, thanks for quick replies
Update. Automatic windscreen not working still, is the sensor supposed to be glued on to the windscreen, I removed the too chrome clips and take the sensor off its mount without any force, as soon as I take the sensor off the screen the wipers start going mad ???
Should the sensor be a certain distance from the windscreen
You may need to take it for a drive in the rain as at standstill or at walking pace my wipers drop to a lower level of sensitivity.
tdci ross
We have an 04 c-max with exactly the same problem. have had a new windscreen after some stone chips and have replaced the windscreen mounted sensor with a part guaranteed to work off ebay. they still don't work and i have no ideas left.
Tdci still waiting for some heavy rain to come have you tryed puttin a hose on and spraying it on windscreen wear the sensor is, and maybe taking sensor off and cleaning the windscreen were the sensor sits, and also make sure it's plugged in, if so call the people that replaced your windscreen up and get them to replace it again
I've recently added a gel pad that sits inbetween windscreen and sensor and has fixed the problem

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