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Full Version: Water Leaking From Rear Vents
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Help my Focus Estate has had a problem with water in the boot and it gets so bad that the wheel well will fill up with water and the floor mat is soaked through (not good when carrying 2 dogs) I have tried to find out where it is coming from for ages to no avail...So while cleaning it today i tried pouring water over the window ...nothing i tried over the back light fixings ...nothing but when I poured water over the roof of the car it started to leak through the vents and poured onto the floor so my problem now is how do I stop it ???
So do you mean the water is getting through where the roof rack points are?

Some clear silicon should stop the leaks if you can pin point it.

Can you take a picture of where it is you think that the water is coming from
So far we have used silicone around the light units as we thought that was were the water was coming through ...I really thought i had cracked it when i saw the drips coming from the vents but thinking about it this cannot be the cause as i have a fitted plastic boot liner so there is no way the water could be getting underneath...It is always when it rains and always in the boot right at the front on the left hand side (as you are looking at it ) There is a towel placed there constantly under neath the boot carpet and after every shower it is drenched so has to be changed ....I have tried taking everything out the boot and sitting in the car when it rains but there are no wet patches on the sides or on the roof just this seeping water that sems to come from no-where...
Hi Pat,

These things are often difficult to pin down.
You need to direct the hose very carefully to small specific areas at a time until you find it.

Takes time but can be done.

Good luck
Hi i have the same problem with my car. Look my videos on youtube in link under.
I fix this 1 week ago and a put water pipe on the top of the car every day to see if the water come in again, but no more water come in 100%

( part 1 )
[left]This video tell you everything how to stop leaking water into the boot on Ford Focus MK2[/left]

( part 2 )
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