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Tony's mondy
hello all,
can anyone tell me if all ford mondeo mk4 ghias have bluetooth, on the radio/cd head unit i have the symbol for phone in green and red phone symbol in red refering to ending a call, when i press either of the buttons the audio goes to muted display, i have tried to pair my iphone but the phone does not see the unit, i am now wondering if my car has bluetooth at all now, only had car two weeks so still finding my way around it.
mk4 mondeo 1.8 diesel ghia 08 plate

Hi Tony, Did you find out the answer to this question elsewhere?
As I have the same issue with my new to me 2008 Mondeo 2ltr Ghia TDCI.
Been faffing around for ages trying to get it connected to my phone but I recon it doesnt have bluetooth but prahaps Im doing something wrong :)

Jason 'Tweek' Batty
My 08 has the same, i think its just to mute the radio when you are on the phone, with the standard radio. I tried for a little while and read the manual to find it didnt have bluetooth. Im taking it out and replacing it with a single din sony or something better with bluetooth.
I have a mk7 fiesta with blue tooth what I had to do was search the phone for devices it came up " ford audio" then it gave me a number to put in the phone to pair them both ,not sure if this helps but that's how I paired mine
If you get "MUTE" or "MUTED" when you press either of the phone buttons then you either don't have Bluetooth or it is not working. Generally speaking it is because you do not have Bluetooth capability but however in some cases it is the Bluetooth module at fault if I remember rightly the module is behind the glove box on Mondeo but its been a while since I last replaced one. Mondeos don't generally suffer from blue tooth problems so I would say it is more than likely your car is not fitted with Bluetooth. Hope this helps
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]A lot of the Sony units were not fitted with Bluetooth. As was said previously, if the phone button just mutes the audio, you don't have Bluetooth.[/font][/size][/color]
Is it possible to fit bluetooth so it is like it was factory fitted?
Well that was useful information for me guys so thanks :)
I know its usually simple to set up pairing from device to mobile so I was thinking it was probably not fitted but also thought it would be standard on the ghia at least. Never mind.
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]I have the Sony unit in my Focus titanium 2008 58reg, Bluetooth not fitted to that either.[/font][/size][/color]
Just found out the same thing on my 57 plate zetec. Did ford actually bother to spec there cars or just randomly stick badges on them as they came of yhe production line. A work colleague of mine has a 58 zetec and it has bt auto wipers and lights. I noticed a lot of the different specs had different toys surely a zetec should have the same spec as any other.
Oh and does anyone have pictures of an after market head unit fitted to there cars as it woild be nice to know how they look. Thinking maybe a bluetooth stereo is an option.

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