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Full Version: New Fusion Owner ....a Few Questions!
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Hi Guys

New to the site, as I bought my first Fusion City 1.4 yesterday.

There seems to be a few issues which I cannot find the information for within the handbook and wondered if anyone could provide the answers.

1) There are reverse sensors on the car, however do not apparently work. I have checked the manual (no technical reference) and no reference to fuse (not fuse box) location. Does anyone have any knowledge of how I can diagnose the fault?

2) I have the squeal when accelerating through gears 1-3 which I suspect is the Serpentine Belt requiring replacement. I'm ok with the replacement element, but the actual location looks tight and problematic. Has anyone done this themselves and does it indeed cure the "squeal"

3) Is there anyway to adjust the instrument lights....lights are quite dim

4) The car is slightly high mileage, 103k but is well serviced and maintained and is nice and tight. Is there anything mileage/age related that I should be watchful for?

5) Any good sites for spares and such that can be recommended?

Many thanks for your help in advance.


Hi Scotzman,

I am also new to owning a Fusion but can help with a couple of your questions.
My fusion had two noises which are being corrected as I type this, one was a chatter at about 1000 revs, the tensioner is being replaced to rectify this; the other was a squeal when taking up drive and this is apparently a gearbox mounting.

replacing the belt requires, I believe, the offside front wheel to be removed along with the inner wheel arc liner. The belt is then assessible.

Ford advise the replacement of the timing belt at 100K, check that this was done on .

best of luck.
the reverse sensors work through the reverseing light,check that the reverse lights come on when reverse is selected, if they do not check the fuse for the lights,if they do it may be a blown inline fuse for the controll box for the sensors,these are usually hidden behind the side panel in the boot,trace the wires back from the sensors and they should lead you to the box
Hi Folks, thanks for the help.

Coat, when you say gearbox mounting, are you saying replacing this fixed the squeal?

All information I have received points to the squeal coming from either the belt requiring changing, or the actual tensioner.

Mint, thanks for the heads up, will check that when I have my boot free later and feed back.



*******just had a look at the parking sensor in the spare wheel well and it was unplugged. Plugged it in and I get a continuous beep as though there is something close to the sender whether there is or not. Obviously the reason for it being unplugged.

Any idea's about the fault.


This was posted a long time ago so i am guessing that you got this sorted. However just in case i had the same problem with my reversing sensors when they were plugged in. Turned out that the guy who fitted them had fitted one of them upside down so it was pointing towards the floor at all times. That way it always thought that something was close to the car.

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