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Full Version: Wow, Never Thought I Would Ever.......
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buy a brand new car! But that is exactly what we did yesterday. Not for me, but the other half. Not an expensive motor, and not a Ford but i never thought i'd be able to do this. It actually cost less than my 58 plate Focus cost me 5 months ago too.
So for everone wondering its a Hyundai i10 Active in red. Lovely little second car, and a great price to boot. We are both like a child waiting for Christmas now as delivery is expected last week of March because there are no available red ones in the country and they set off on a 4 week journey by ship today. :)
My mum-in-law has an i10 and she loves it. She got it at two years old and I can't fault it. Nice little cars even if not quite my cup of tea!
Nice to hear she's happy with it roger. :) Always reassuring to hear other people are pleased with them.
as my kia is from the same family as the hyundai, I can say that all I hvae spoken to from both hyundai and kia families, they have a very positive feedback overall. Fortunately for me, the likes of my Cee'd is hand in hand with the i30, so parts are easy to come by and cheap as well. They are a very reliable motor, and If I had to put a ballpark satisfaction figure, I would say from what I have heard, and read. its probably 98-99% positive feedback on these two families!
i have driven quite a few of the new hyundai's as hire cars - most have been less than 5k miles but i have to admit they are good for the money. couldnt fault any of them.

Out of all the cars i have driven, a new one every week for 5 months, the kia ceed SW 2litre diesel automatic was the most impressive. I like bigger cars, the i40? would have been more my cup of tea but i didnt ever get one.
I has a i30 1.6 CRDi hire car just before we bought the mondeo. I was very impressed. Best of luck with the new motor
Cheers for the feedback guys, much appreciated. Yeah its a bit small as a family car but its just for the missus to tootle around in. Their new i30 which isn't out yet is a lovely looking car. Had a good nosey at one in the showroom. Top of the range was 20k though.
I dont think 20k for top of the range is too bad for it? its not too different to the focus in size, granted the boot may be smaller, but top of the range for 20k, thats still a few thousand under the tit x Foci isnt it?
Good point about the difference between that and the Focus TitX. I suppose it being a Hyundai i was expecting it to be around 18k for some reason i think. :)
To be fair, I think the korean end of the market, has really took a lot from past experience, and really turned their industry around, I had barely heard of the Cee'd until late before I bought it, then just heard too many good things to not go for it. I never really gave a thought to the hyundai as between the Cee'd and i30, the only (real) difference was the additional warranty!

I really think the likes of hyundai i30 / i40 and the Kia Optima, are really going to start fighting their position in the market over the next 18 months, I think that the Focus and Mondeo, may be brought down a peg or two by the koreans!
I was shocked at how good these Korean motors are. I drove the father inlaws Kia Ceed diesel and it was a lovely motor to drive. If I had to be really picky the only annoyance I found was that the dash was abit rattly but other than it was a lovely motor.
Was it a pre 2010 model per chance? thats something that they fixed in the facelift version!

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