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Full Version: Ford Keyring
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Are these guys actually serious with these prices if so the people who have paid this are out there mind
when you can get the same thing at this price
No mate,
That price is put up because the seller is out of stock and they are merely keeping the ad open so as to avoid listing fees.
They know nobody in their right mind would pay that.
But the first one says 3 available and other says more than 10 available, so it's abit confusing, maybe ebays system not updating the count
Yeah, the seller just wants to avoid having to list the items again as it will cost them money.
They keep a count showing to stop eBay pinging them and penalising them.
Only a real twit would pay that much for a keyring and the seller knows it.
As far as i'm aware the seller keeps the count.
You would want to be able to drive it for that price.
I wouldn't know about listings never sold anything only buy from them, seen one for £6.98 so might get myself a treat
I think some also do it thinking someone might buy another one and not check the price.

this happened with a iPhone plug I was watching went from £5 (waiting for pay day) to £100+ instantly deleted it from my watch list...
Better be a bloody good keyring for that money. £7 aint too bad though.

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