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Full Version: New Aircon Unit
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well i got the dreaded rattle start on my aircon pump today despite it being regularly serviced.
had it to ford who diagnosed the compressor
new pump £500 fitting £60 but warranty direct are paying for it so cant be too fussed.

symptoms were the aircon worked normally but had a like a pebble in a tin rattle at around 1500rpm upwards at idle it was audible over the engine which is quite quiet anyway
i feel your pain on this one. mine too has been to dealer for this...well different symptoms, aircon light on but very warm air coming through.

dealer diagnosed new compressor, aircon radiator and pipes. wallet took a dent on that.

a few weeks later, the car went back 2 more times because of the other aircon pipes kept bursting....all replaced for free by dealer....cant complain about that lol
well it shows that paying the 260 quid for the warranty with wear and tear cover was worth it as its paid for itself twice over already.

ford air con units are notorious for having faults in fact one of warranty directs most common claims along with the suspension.

its still ridiculous that these little pumps cost so much money.

i know what you mean about denting the wallet my old passat had the very same issue vw cost £1674 local air con spoecialist cost £800 i chose neither and traded the car in

oh and they are paying to get the rear front upper bushes done as well
I got warrenty direct cover - how did you find the process of getting them to pay up/approve repair etc.

Did you have to go through hoops (even small ones) like proving car had been serviced at correct intervals and was up todate etc

Kind of hoping that i never need them, although part of me is hoping that the turbo, flywheel, EGR value, etc etc all go wrong in the next 2 mths and all gets replaced with new parts LOL
You need a proper service history as per the schedule or they wont honour repairs.

All i did was call them to notify them of the issue then as requested take it to a garage they confirmed the fault then they use the computer to send the service history and mot along with the findings and repair cost to warranty direct they go through the dealer authorise and pay the dealer direct all i do is wait for a call saying the part has arrived.

Its easier if the dealer is the same place that done the service and m.o.t
An update guys the unit was removed and it turned out to be a dry bearing on the mag clutch bearing was fine so it was regreased and refilled and tested now all is quiet

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