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Full Version: Ford Ka W Reg 2000
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i guys, last weekend i bought a ford ka w reg 2000, put it thru mot and passes with medium work done to it, allthough before i took it down i noticed a clunking noise at the front when i put full lock on to the right (clockwise), didnt think anything about it (im new to this!) and when i got home i noticed it again, so took it back to the garage, they checked it over and said that it was the alloys that had been put on (before i purchased it) that were the wrong size and to get some spacers for them, i dont mind doing this if its the right thing to do!! could i please have some advice on this as i dont really know what size to get (my wheels are 13inch) and what about the bolts for the alloys? surely ill need a bigger size?..if so what will i need to get?? is it even that thats the problem?..or does it sound like something else?? please help me as i dont want to be driving my car if i could make it worse..thanks guys!! x
Hi Chloe, First question I would be asking is why it only does it when you turn right? If you have a problem with wheel size/spacing then I would expect it to 'clunk' which ever way you turned.

I think you will find that you have a worn CV joint on the right hand side.

There are 2 of these joints either end of the shaft coming from the gearbox to the wheel on the front of the car. Usually contained in a rubber sleeve, the outer joint (nearest the wheel) will give a clunking sound when the wheel is turned to full lock when it is worn.

Personally I would take it to a good tyre shop not a garage and ask their opinion on the wheels or contact the manufacturer if they have a name/brand printed on them.

If you need to change the joint, go to the scrapyard and get a complete used shaft with both joints on, buy a haynes manual and get boyfriend/husband on the job, easy peasy...

Good luck

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