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Full Version: Starting Problem
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clueless chancer
My tdci130 (6) has recently had a new clutch kit, dual mass flywheel and starter motor fitted by JTech in Sheffield.

I had intermittent problems starting the car afterwards; the engine would try to turn over, but not actually turn. This would repeat many times, and eventually fire up. Occasionally, the dials would do the 'sweep test' whils experiencing these problems.

Eventually, it failed altogether, so I got it bump started and took it back to the garage, where they fitted another new starter motor under warranty. A couple of days later, and the car has started doing it again; turn the key, the engine won't turn over. Repeat this a few times, it will eventually start. The sweeping dials is not happening any more. Has anyone got any indication of what I could try next? The garage don't know what the problem could be.

I have fitted a new silver calcium battery, cleaned the connections, checked all the earth straps I can find. There is no engine management light showing when the car runs, no flashing glow plug light.

Could this be anything to do with the crank or cam sensors?

Your advice would be greatly valued!!!
I'd get them to check the alternator, does it start fine when bumper or jumped???
clueless chancer
[sub]Yes, starts ok about 95% of the time anyway, without bump or jump start. It generally starts after a few tries anyway, I'm just baffled as to why it sometimes won't turn over, then will on the next turn of the key. [/sub]
mr pompey
the dial sweep, normall means a bad earth somewhere,
check and clean the earthing points up
clueless chancer
But the sweeping dials isn't happening anymore...
One way to check the earth connection to the engine is to connect a jump lead from the negative terminal to a clean part of the engine.

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