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Full Version: P0251 - Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control A Malfunction (Cam/rotor/injection)
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hi guys

Driving along, put foot down a bit to join motorway revs going up (2nd/3rd gear i think) bang on 3000rpm got a cluck and the turbo cut and the glow plug light started flashing, turned off and on again and went over 3000rpm and it hasnt happened again.

No smoke
slight wobble on idle.
notice it smelt funny when i got out for a few seconds not sure of what oil/diesel/buring clutch?
this car is a previous cat C write off, hit in rear on passenger side.
just had idle tensioner, belt and crank pulley replaced yesterday at the costs of £370

Fault code:
P0251 - Injection pump fuel metering control A malfunction (cam/rotor/injection)

any help apreciated guys

Just to let you know I reset ECU and troed my hardest to see if it would re occur but it would not. Idle is getting worse. Gona change fuel filter Monday as it looks very old
I meant I cleared the code
P0251 is a difficult code to diagnose as it can cover injectors, fuel pump, imv and fuel filter (probably others as well)

The fact that you have a bad idle is a sign of injectors (changing the fuel filter if history is unknown is a good thing to do though, but lease use a bosch or ford one as ones from motor factors have been known to cause issues)

If you change the filter and problem persists, then do a leak off test on the injectors , be warned though it can be costly to fix if it isnt the filter
I keep saying is it injectors all 4 different mechanics, all saying no
with injectors, usually cold start gives a lumpy idle like the engine wants to jump of its mounting! Generally though when warm it will be okay. A leak off test if this is happening should confirm that the injectors are not within spec. The best place for diesels unfortunately (specifically with fuelling related problems) is a proper diesel specialist
They all keep saying that it would have starting issues, also it still has a wobble ect when warm ect, the light only comes on now and then. at first it was when overtaking and other times its when im changing gear (with no throttle) yet my software frezze frame always shows the engine as under 100% load and i have no idea why as it never is. also when on idle on live data it always shows as 25-35% load on idle? if i rev it to 1500rpm it says 18% load?

Gona have a go at changing the fuel filter (it looks really old and my mechanice thinks it could have water in it) also changing air filter aswell ford good measure. we are gona cehck the boost pipes do as i think there is a split somewhere.

Also i noticed that the fuel lines to the filter look brand new?

Also there is no smoke which really confuses me as if its an injector issue is there not usually lots of smoke?

Now its struggling to turn over since the new filter was put on. Idle fuelpressure is unsteady, fuel pressure under load is fine.
sounds like you have air in the system from the filter change, also make sure the connectors ontop of the filter are on correctly. When my injectors had gone, I had no smoke just a lumpy idle when cold.

What software are you using to log ? also are you connecting with an obd cable or bluetooth? If it is bluetooth that could explain erratic readings

Throttle being at 100% even when its not could be a faulty throttle switch, I have heard of this once before appearing with the P0251, but with that there was a problem with the injectors and the throttle switch was secondary. The accelerator switches aren't to expensive to replace
Hi mate, the starting issue has gone now, what I do wonder is would an inlet leak cause this???

If there's no smoke does this mean to lean or to rich.???

No definitive result from leak off test only other option is to remove them for bench testing.
Also the pressure readings for the live data are from two different machines both using obd2 not Bluetooth
suppose an inlet leak could cause it, not sure with your particular model but on some (mine included) the inlet hose from the maf to the turbo can split. Mine had slit just before it joins the turbo, could see it at first but when touched it was hardly joined!) I got an uprated one. Also the rubber pipe going to the egr valve can split as well.

Noted you asked about formidable on another thread, the software is free but the leas is about £20 ish from ebay. The lead is different than normal obd leads, and it will also allow you to recode injectors which some people have allegedly done to help with injector problems (sometimes the ecu loses the injectors codes)
ah ok your a star, so i can try using the lead i have but if it does not work i can just oder the correct lead which im gussing is that f something or other lead. i will check for splits.

i am coming round to the fact that i may have to get new injectors, if this is the case id rather do it all myself and save shit loads of money but ill do loads of research first i think
if you do injectors yourself (very easy job) make sure everything is clean first around the top of the engine to prevent any debris getting in where it shouldn't. You will need an injector socket (will find the size for you later when I pop out to my car), you will also need a torque wrench. Ford also say you need a special tool to hold the injectors in alignment when putting them back in so that the electrical connectors and leak off pipes line up, however you dont, you can use a 15mm open ended spanner to hold them in place.

Formidable will work with a normal lead for reading codes and I think live data, however a normal lead will not allow you to reprogram the injectors. You can try beforehand anyway by just downloading the software.

This fault is either the IMV,one or more injectors,or the fuel pump,or a COMBINATION of these.If you do not want high repair bills , don't buy a common rail engine.


The fault can be double barrelled One fault hidden behind another.You might find one really bad injector with excessive leak off,replace it,and still find the code returning, as the pressure requirements seen by the ECU still have not been met.


You then need to change the pump.The pressure loss in this case is due to the injector and pump.


The pressure is carefully controlled,but the ECU can only control it, if the components within the system are within tolerance.


leak-off test isnt going to say 100% there's a problem,but might. 

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