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Full Version: Pre-Purchase Inspections
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What do you guys or girls think about pre-purchase car inspections.When you think about it most dealers only give you 3 months warranty and then it's left to lady luck.Having an initial insp could save you loads in future.think price is about 90_200 odd.
I allways do them once I have found waht I think is the right car pays off in the end. The last one was done by the AA think it was £99 non members get charged more but still worth it IMHO
Definitely worth a pre purchase check up.
Luckily i have a brother in law who owns his own garage so he does the checks for me.
Along with the look at many buy one approach
If you have the money its well worth the inspection, I wish I had on my Focus, would have saved me many an hour of stress! as for my current car - well I got 5 years warranty left, I dont care :P but as a service going forward, I think I would get an inspection done by a trusted body!
I've only had limted experience of this and TBH I'm not impressed or sure if they're worth the money.

I had an inspection done on one car I bought (the AA) and only about six months into ownership it needed a new engine. This was on top of a set of tappets, a heater matrix, new front discs and a steering column adjuster that wouldn't lock.

I also had a potential buyer do an inspection on a car I was selling privately (the RAC this time) and they missed things that I thought they would have spotted that I knew about. This was a buckled wheel and something else (that I've now forgotten!). I know they missed them becuase I told the buyer about them myself. He wasn't bothered about them but did point out that the RAC never told him about them!

These inspections are just like any warranty - They can be worth their weight in gold but they can also be up to a couple of hundred for nowt. You makes your choices....

I'm another advocate of the "look at many, buy one" philosophy.

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