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Full Version: Performance Mods For 2.0 Tdci
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Just at the research stage but currently looking at the following mods;

Stainless Steel exhaust
[*]Can anyone recommend any good suppliers of an uprated Intercooler specifically for the Mk2 2.0 TDCi?
[*]Is this exhaust ok for my model? [url=""]http://www.europerfo...oduct=555576908[/url]

I'm not sure if my car has a DPF or not?
[*]From what I've read, a de-cat for a diesel is ok as an MOT only involves a smoke test for diesels. However they may fail it if they spot it's missing. Do you get de-cat pipes that look like a cat?
[*]Any good Ford re-mappers in East Scotland or am I just aswell going down the Bluefin route?
Am I missing anything?
Mozo Jojo
I hate to break it to you but cat, dpf and egr make your car smokeless more or less. So if you get rid of these 3 your car will smoke more

1. DPF stops the least so in theory you can get passed MOT without it.
2. CAT stops more and you would not pass in m own opinion.
3. EGR recirculates a part of the exhaust gases back in, you car will give more smoke but the turbo charger will get fresh air only, this meaning colder air, this meaning better for the air/diesel mixture.
4.There are some idiots that get a sports cone filter and put it on, without taking time to route it so it gets cold air. Instead they just put it near the engine and they get hot air ... but ... i don;t have room to actually tell you all about it. I'm just telling them they are idiots and they would be better off with a panel filter.

PS: No, you don;t get de-cat pipes that look like a cat :) you just get pipes ... as far as i know. Also as i personal opinion, instead of an exhaust get some good breaks ;)

As an intercooler option you can try this :

Exhaust and metalic brake lines :

You could also try a better brake fluid and better brakes.

Don't invest that much in the exhaust, it will make no difference whatsoever ;)
Agreed, a decat is just a straight pipe that replaces the cat.
Some induction kits come with heat shields but probably don't do a great deal.
The colder the air, the denser it is and that will create a larger expansion on combustion.
The EGR for environmental impact is a good idea, but who really wants to push hot dirty air through a system that runs far better on cold clean air?
I wasn't planning to remove the DPF or the EGR.
Fair one mate.
Just an idea. :)
Mozo Jojo
Well, if you focus has a DPF+CAT filter. You would have to remove both, or just the DPF as i did :), DPF is far more restricting then CAT, just so you know.

Also if you remove DPF only, you have a better chance of passing MOT, and it is the least useful of the three "eco green" :) systems.
All in all, your car your choice, we are just giving an opinion.
Struggling to find out of my car even has a DPF. Called two Ford dealers and both wanted me to come in to check as it's not showing up on their system. If I check on the Ford ETIS site, it's showing as having Euro IV. I was under the impression if it had DPF, it would say Euro IV+DPF?
when i had a diesel the cone filter just made it sound more like a tractor.m
i believe the 2.0tdci uses the same intercooler as the ST doesnt it??? if so an uprated ST item will be a direct fit.. Airtec do a good one...

Dont know of any mappers in east scotland, but i have used RS tuning in Leeds... cant fault him!!

So if you fancy a weekend away ;) lol
theres 1 in cowdenbeath that does diesel tuning check the link

good stuff at dalgety bay theyre good with fords
Hi, I have been looking into getting similar mods done for my 2.0 Tdci. I have spoken with many people and as far as I can gather the best option for the exhaust is to remove the DPF and keep the CAT (I know you had no intention of doing so but it DOES make a difference and is cheaper to get it done at the same time - an extra £50 well spent). Longlife exhausts garanteed me I would still pass an MOT doing this and they also do remaps specifically with the DFP removal in mind. Bluefins are good but they are generic to the standard car and will not take into account any of the other modifications you have made. I believe there is a Longlife centre in Ashington which is not a million miles away. Give them a call they are very helpful and do finance if that helps. They also do air filters with heat shields and will install it for you with relocated feeds for better cold air.

Hope this info helps.
Can anyone confirm if the ST intercooler is the same as the 2.0 TDCI?
[quote name='FLORYFOCUS' timestamp='1331575133' post='172208']
Can anyone confirm if the ST intercooler is the same as the 2.0 TDCI?

i think the ST intercooler is bigger than the standard TDCi one, and gives better performance to the TDCi engine when fitted,
the width and pipe fittings diameter are a direct fit but performance wise its a bigger intercooler panel.
also see here it refers to the st intercooler being used to upgrade the TDCi engine

After speaking to the garage that sold me the car, turns out my car doesn't have a DPF fitted (it was an option on my year of car), which is a bonus :)
Mozo Jojo
just go to ford etis and check if you have or not. Also you can see the options the car had when it came out of the production line. It's free and you'll sleep better at night ;)
[quote name='Mozo Jojo' timestamp='1331635668' post='172316']
just go to ford etis and check if you have or not. Also you can see the options the car had when it came out of the production line. It's free and you'll sleep better at night ;)
[/quote]I used that and all it said for emissions was Euro IV. I was pretty sure if it had a DPF it would have said Euro IV + DPF but wanted to be sure.
Interesting point about the ST intercooler... I've had my car re-mapped this week, and a K&N panel filter... Frankly the results are nothing short of astonishing!

The car is nudging the 200,000 mile mark now, and the new map took this into account... It's a "safe" map apparently. Gawd knows how it would have gone if it'd been a wild map!
And i'm afraid i have to disagree about the exhaust making no difference to performance... I know all the technical evidence to the contrary, but my new stainless twin exit exhaust certainly released a few horses... Maybe the old exhaust was knackered anyway, and that could account for the power gains, but the simple fact is, the new exhaust released more power.
Mozo Jojo
@Bigdaddycain: A cloged exahust and a new one ... even a stock one, will make a difference, a full "race" exhaust, ... meaning an empty pipe will make a difference, the ones they call sport exhaust is just a sound modifier :) I dont know what you bought, or what you have, BUT, if you have just put a tip, and changed the end exhaust you will get a nice noise nothing more :). This is just an opinion btw, but i did modified a few things on cars, and on dyno, sport exhaust or not, it will make no difference as far as i could see.
Hi Mozo, and thanks.. I don't bat hearsay opinions about as fact mate, i was simply adding that with modern diesels, i think a decent flowing exhaust makes a difference (not so much on the older type diesels admittedly) My exhaust was built by a reknowned tuning outfit specialising in making NOBLES go better, the exhaust is a one-off, and many a bent pipe was thrown away during the build process in the strive for perfection. No dyno read outs admittedly, but the car was more responsive "post" exhaust...Many an old school mechanic will say "a fancy exhaust makes no difference on a diesel" that may be so,but in CERTAIN cases it can ;)

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