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Full Version: Focus Knocking On Offside Front Wheel
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hi i have a knock on a offside front wheel i think it could be a ball joint but not sure can any one help thanks
It could be the lower ball joint, track rod ball joint, worn lower arm bushes, arb bushes and possibly a few other things

Without inspection its impossible to say
You'd need to get it on a lift and give the wheel a good push and pull, turn the steering to full right lock and inspect the joints for play and wear.
A badly worn ball joint will be quite evident if there.
thanks all can it be the track rod
[quote name='kingliam' timestamp='1330762778' post='170237']
thanks all can it be the track rod

It could be the track rod end? I had a knocking on my old focus but the steering was also a bit iffy at times. replaced the track rod ends and it certainly transformed the car. quite easy to check these though, get the wheel off and see if they move or knock
hi i have fited all new parts ball joints suppenon leg spring bushes and it keeps on knocking any help please
do you have a "notch" in the steering at a certain point? ie it "notchs" at the same point of turn?

if not then my brothers one had a top mount go and his knocked.

also jack the car up and see if there is any play in the wheel, could be wheel bearing? although thats normally a humm
hi thank i have looked and cant see any think wrong with it .the only thing i can think of now is the tie rod cant be any think else

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