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Full Version: 1979 Cortina 1.6 Estate Not Running Right... Help!
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my old cortina, I BOUGHT HER A WEEK AGO RUNNING NOISILY (CAM NOISE) AND (SORRY CAPS!!) and was told by dodgy bloke it's got slight cam noise and needs the carb sorting...........

friend of mine is mechanic and old enough to remember the old girl.......

he has done valve clearances and the cam is spotless.... also put new fuel pump on her, new battery, checked all obvious things.......
everything looks good and well maintained....... carb been taken to bits and cant see anything obviously wrong in there, all looks clean and no obvious blockages... no water in fuel and not old fuel...... does not smoke and now runs quiet and sounds sweet....

car in vgc generally, waxoyled to within an inch of her life, done 90,000 from new and been regularly serviced (got receipts), been running on road til last october when tax ran out, done 500 miles since last service in april '11.........

She often doesn't want to start, when she does she normally cuts out (hence new fuel pump as thought was fuel problem) if she does run and tick over then when revved she starts to run lumpy and as soon as you take your foot off throttle she dies.....

she does not misfire, backfire or run on and is running on all four cylinders....... HELP.........

anyone any ideas why she won't run???? You can't drive her as she just dies...

HELP please!
Have you checked for contaminated fuel?
yep fuel sseems absolutely fine.......... drove her home from frome,somerset to swindon....... she was noisy (now quiet) and losing power then picking up under revs and running lumpy but made it just about........ now starts and idles sometimes then cuts out and if you dip clutch to put in gear she dies.......
Oh for the days when cars were easy to work on.With these old girls you have to keep on top of the mundane stuff we take for granted now. Get a manual and check the points or better still get a new set along with a condenser. A set of HT leads ,distributor cap,plugs and coil wouldn't go amiss either.Set the tappets and check the timing.If it's a Stromberg type carb get a new diaphragm.Also check for vacuum leaks especially the automatic advance pipe to the distributor.Try it now! :)
thanks for your post... points, ht leads, dizzy, plugs, oil, oil filter and air filter done! coil good! tappets done!! sounds sweet! timing checked and spot on! no vacuum leaks that we can find! its avv carb and there's a spare in boot along with air filter and manifold so thats being looked at and if seems ok tried in the morning!! it's a bit of a mystery!!! I love the old girl but she's not well!
Is it only when she is cold
the old vv carbs were always giving trouble which is why so many were swapped for webber, i bet its the vv carb thats giving you the problem.
My next step would be compression test wet and dry.Could have burnt valves,worn rings, blown gasket or even a crack on the head between valves. :o :wacko:
aaaahhh the old tina, i remember them well, the vv carb always was a B.O.S. bin it and get a good webber,
the accelerator pump was always failing on the vv and they hate dirty,old and unleaded fuel. has it been converted for unleaded? if not this could be the route to all your problems,,,,get it done, its not cheap but well worth it
1979 cortina NICE you just cant help but love um!!!!
has it got an automatic choke? could be stikin,
or as bazzplant67 says might be worth gettin compression test done,
good luck hope u get it sorted ,
Did these have bob weights in the distributor. I can remember these sticking in one of my Mk 3 Cortina's. A good soaking with wd40 sorted them.

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