Just changed my nearside cv joint (it had actually cracked inside and was missing a piece of metal - explains the knocking!)
I found that one of the tripod bearings wasnt attached either! so I have reattached that and connected everything back up, took it for a test drive.

I reversed off the drive and turned the car (everything fine no knocks) then got to the bottom of the road and turned right. It is then that I lost drive so got my mrs to tow me back to the drive.

I haven't looked at the car yet as it was now night time (I had to wait for my wife to come in so I could get a jubilee clip for the driveshaft -both sides) which I couldnt get s it was too late so i patched up the existing ones (they are the type that you tension by pulling and then clip into place)

Anyway, what is likely to have happened? is it likely to be the outside cv joint (maybe I didnt get it in far enough althoughit was secure and I tightened the hub nut to the correct torque) or could it be the tripod side?

On the tripod side when I put it back in, I assume it doesnt have to engage in anything apart from the housing itself? Is the shaft physically held in place by the rubber boot and a jubilee?

Got the day off tomorrow so I can check it over, but would like an idea on what I am likely to find!!!