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Full Version: Luggage Cover
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Newbie here, so I'll start with what might be a dumb question. I'm after a luggage cover for my 2008 S-Max, I've found a second hand one from a 2010 car - can I assume this will fit? (Thought the newer ones had a facelift and wasn't sure if this affected any of the interior?).


Yes the 2010 model cover will fit the earlier cars, however you should be aware that the cover is a bit rubbish - in that it stops approx 4 inches short of the middle-row seats, meaning the theiving scum can still see into the boot unless you go to the effort of reclining all the middle seats back to the full extent!

However, there is a much better alternative - get a cover from the latest model Galaxy (2006 on). It fits the smax also, and has the added advantage of a hinged flap which fills the gap behind the middle seats without you having to recline them- though becuase this flap is hinged, you can still recline the seats if you want to.

It's a much better design - quite why Ford didn't decide to use the same cover in the s-max is beyond me, but there you have it.
If you search for them on ebay you'll find they're also usually a bit cheaper than the s-max version as they're less in demand - people don't realise they also fit the smax!
Photo of it on page 4 of this thread:
That's great advice - thanks!
I know this is an old thread but can anyone tell me if the advice on buying a Galaxy load cover from 2006 onwards also works for a newer, 2010 (60) S-Max? I would really like to get one with the extra piece that crosses to the back of the seats but want to be sure before buying. Many thanks
Yes - fits old & new shape s-max.

Having followed advice on this forum, I have purchased a Galaxy cover for my 2010 Smax.  I'm afraid to say it DOES NOT fit and this advice is either incorrect or out of date.  It may be they've changed the part slightly recently but the cover is too wide for the clips at the back of the load area so will only close on one side!  So i'm left with a brand new Galaxy load cover if anyone wants one before I return it to the supplier?

Mart S-Max
Hello, I registered just so that I can respond to Adihead in case it helps someone in the future. I have a 2010 (60 plate) S-Max and have just bought the Galaxy cover. Having trawled over the internet to make sure it fits the S-Max this is the comment I found saying it didn't fit so I took the risk.

I can 100% confirm that the Galaxy cover fits perfectly on the S-Max.

I paid just £50 with delivery for a new genuine Galaxy cover on eBay (search for atfirstparts as the sellers name). The part was advertised as "new but dusty as stored in warehouse", this is a good description of what arrived.

The extra lip on the Galaxy cover means it hides what's in the boot better than the genuine S-Max cover.

Hope this helps

Hi, can I ask where you store the luggage cover if you need to use all 7-seats?


shed garage house,take ur pick.havnt tried it but it might be possible to slide it underneath the rear seats?

Thanks for the advice. Saw a dirt cheap S-max cover and see the issue. Will be looking for s galaxy cover now.
My s-max is 2009 and the cover I have is from a 2012 s-max. If the galaxy fits the pre facelift I don't see why it wouldn't fit the post facelift

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