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Full Version: Scratched Bonnet For Focus
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Hi All,
I recently scratched bonnet of my Ford Focus. Consulted several garages, professionals and it was recommended that I do a full paint job on the bonnet, as polishing the scratches away is not an option. Got a quote from a local bodyshop for a full paint-over. I also received a few quotes for refurbished / new bonnets from several salvage services.The quotes I received vary in price quite significantly -- from 40 to 120 quids, although they all are lesser than the quote for a full paint job. Also, none of these services asked me to confirm color of the car, but agreed to send over the bonnet regardless. So I am wondering:

1. How should I chose from the quotes (what should I be looking for, besides price)? Any speific salvage service you would recommend?
2. Do these bonnets from salvage services come pre-painted,or would I be required to paint it myself later?
3. What would you pro's recommend - a full paint-over or replacement of the bonnet?

Any past experience in this? Any help will be appreciated.

Regards //
1. Go and look at the bonnet yourself at a local salvage dealer. You can then check colour/quality. One from a distance seller may also be scratched or have minor dents.
2. Salvage bonnets will be off a scrap vehicle so any colour is possible.
3. I would paint your own bonnet. At least you know the alignment or fit of it is correct on your car at the moment. You may change the bonnet and then struggle to get the panel gaps right.

4. Look on ebay for one the exact colour you require ?
Post photo's, how bad is it ?

What about ChipsAway or similar SMART repair service ?
As tomo2001 says chips away or similar my mom and dad had a scratch down to the metal on a new car about 5 inches long chips away did the job and cant even tell where it was there that good .

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