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Full Version: Gearbox Leak :o
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Hey all

Fitted a pair of wishbones yesterday and noticed that there was a couple of drips on the bottom of the black plastic cover on the gearbox, So I unclipped the cover and had a look, It wasnt obvious to me where it was comming from but did not look like it was comming from the spedo cable as it looked dry directly underneath it. I did suspect the gear remote shaft But it was also [i]wet[/i] with oil above it. :wacko:

Are there any knowen issues reguarding oil leaks in this area of the gearbox?

Many in Advance :)

2004 Focus
1.6 Petrol
Manual gearbox
these dont have a spedo cable they have a speed sensor so it must be coming for somewhere else
as speed sensor it at the back of the gear box
cheers mate I will have a better look and try and get some pics up :)

Assuming worst case here, If it's the gear remote seal thats needing replaced, Im guessing the gearbox will need to come out

If so I'd have to take it somewhere to get done as I have no facility for this and the weather is being unkind :( Has anyone had to have this done in a garage and able to give an indication of the price involved for this?

I managed to top up the gearbox oil with Castrol Syntrans Multivehicle 75W-90 (see link below) but did not manage to get it to the correct level as there is limmited space there, so I now have a meter of clear tubing and a funnel ;) [url=""]http://www.opieoils....x-s-75w-85.aspx[/url]

[i]p.s.[/i] You will need an 8mm hex and an 8mm spanner and a larger spanner (i.e. 13mm) to get some leverage to undo the level plug As there is not enough room to get a 3/8 ratchet and socket to the filler plug

Hope this helps people in the future but always double check the oil is correct for your model
So I had a better look and its either the clutch arm or the gear remote seal to blame.

Was thinking of cleaning off the oil around these using brake cleaner being carefull not to get brake cleaner into the gearbox. Then checking to see where the oil is coming from over the next few days.

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