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Full Version: Urgent - Is This A Leak And Is It Serious?
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thumbnail attached. where the red circle is, it is has a coating of what looks like an oily substance. i am lying under the front of the car and this is on the passenger side

this is urgent as my 3 month engine and gearbox warranty runs out on monday.

first time looking under the car was when i noticed a wet patch on the ground after having the car in place for 15 min. it has been dry all day, car driven to work (3 miles) and back with no issues and didnt look at ground when leaving so no idea if there was a leak there or not.

I tightened up the handbrake a bit in those 15 min just from inside the car. war is on a slight incline and for about 5 seconds it was sitting in first gear engine off no brakes applied at all (foot or hand)

moved car back out on to road and noticed patch.

really worried this is something serious so all help appreciated.
Look like your gearbox has a leak mate
ok cheers. big issue? cost?
[quote name='irl-06lx' timestamp='1331319815' post='171677']
ok cheers. big issue? cost?

It looks quite wet, i would get it looked at shortly. a gearbox left to run low on oil will soon have issues.

Its hard to say where the oil is actually coming from, is just gathering there or is it leaking from there..
just went out and had a look, ground seems dry underneath but to be honest the patch on the tarmac is pretty big for that space of time.

think ill get a mechanic friend to have a look tomorrow and on the seller maybe also
If you can, place a sheet of clean cardboard under the car tonight so you can see how much (if any) leaks out overnight. Might even be helpful to show to the mechanic tomorrow.
Have a sniff of the oil. If its gear oil you can definately tell from the smell of it.
thats a serious leak and will be a seal or the gasket or the clutch slave cylinder thats what mine looked like when the slave cylinder was leaking get it sorted asap before the warrnaty runs out

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