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Full Version: Stubby Ariel
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I have seen that you can make your orginal ariel into a stubby one. By putting the rubber end into boiling hot water for about 5 minutes .Then you just pull the end off cut it to lenght you want then put the end cap back on job done.I have tryed this but i cannt get the end cap off.Iam doing this right
I'm gussing the idea is that the heat loosens the glue holding the tip on. What are you using to pull on the tip. Does it feel hot?

How stubby are you going? Do you do much country driving as you may find reception not existent.

I would suggest not going any less than between 16-20 cm minimum (this is in the range of 1/16th of the 88-10Mhz).

If its purely asthetics I'm pretty sure stubbies can be had on ebay for less than a tenner, that way if it doesn't perform you still have the original (which is worth more in its un alterd state).
the rubber isnt that easy to get off i did it with some spares i had i left the rubber in for 20mins then had to use some force to pull it careful cutting the ariel splits easily i did 3 one worked 1 split the ariel and 1 snapped trying to get the rubber off pulling the copper wire out.the reception was rubbish 5quid bought a universal one that has proper reception
I tried a Ford licensed Richbrook stubby ariel on mine. Te reception was that poor I put the original back on. I guess it is the length it is for a reason.
i got a decent reception with mine it has an extra screw on section so that you can extend it if you wish
[quote name='artscot79' timestamp='1331385712' post='171836']
i got a decent reception with mine it has an extra screw on section so that you can extend it if you wish
Thats a good idea, and will allow you to adjust depending on the reception in your area. Ours is pretty poor, so need all the help it can get.
it was only 7quid a black stubby with the universal fittings and the extension piece. i keep the extension in the car if the receptions poor but its amplified so its good as is

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