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Full Version: How Do You Reset The Ecu?
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Its a 2004 MK3 Euro4 mondeo 2.0l TDCI

I have googled this to no end and still not sure what to do as i dont want to take the battery terminals off (im at work and dont have the tools it would be so much easier to remove the fuse at lunch and leave it for a few hours)

Some where it said on the MK3 you need to remove the VIOLET 3amp fuse with KAM written on it but its not in my fuse box under the bonnet??

If anyone knows an exact answer please let me know :)


You would only need to disconnect the battery for 10 minutes or so.
Yer its the process after (the reving) that I didn't want to do outside my house as all the kids ply out there and is rather not fill there lungs with diesel lol
You dont need to rev it do you? I always thought it was pull the battery off for ten minutes or so, let the power drain all the way out of all the components, plug it in, and off you go!
done it yesterday, left in unplugged for 3 hours, left to idle till warm then 1250rpm for 5 minutes, then went for a spirited drive, limp mode kicked in with the mil lamp and glow plug lamp this time.

i did note my presets on my radio are still there?

Anyway car is still idling shit (hunting) :(
Presuming you were hoping that the resetting of the ECU would have resolved the idling?

When you say its idling faecially... Is it erratic, rough, low?

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