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Chris Mangan
Hi I'm a newbie! Recently purchased a 2005 mondeo tdci 2.0 l 130. I was expecting to be getting fairly good consumption from it, but I have never got above 38.5 mpg even on a motorway run :(

The car has covered 140k miles so it's high. Do you think that this is causing the low consumption? I'm sure I should be getting more out of it right? Any common problems with these that affect the consumption?

Many thanks.
That does seem to be a bit low as my 2.2 Mondeo Estate gets 48 around the doors and can manage 55+ on journeys but that is at a steady 60mph.
Make sure the tyres are at the correct pressure and the brakes are not binding.
Then some good fuel system cleaner is a good idea and check the air filter isn't clogged.
I like to use Greased Lightning oil additive and fuel system cleaner.
Good luck and let me know if you get it sorted.
Chris Mangan
Thanks podzak. It has been suggested to me that I cleat he EGR valve, would you recommend this? Will it make any difference to consumption? Thanks again.
Dunno m8, that's beyond my ken but if someone thinks it's an answer, try it.
If you're near Newcastle/Northumberland I could put my fault code reader on to see if anything shows up.
Or Manchester as I'm there from Thursday to Sat.
Chris Mangan
Bit too far away for me mate, but many thanks!
Lee churchyard
My mk4 did get around 44.3 around town that was on 150 thousand it did have a full service and some diesel conditioner put in it so may be that helps
Hi Lee,
I've just done 900 odd miles in 2 weeks.
Mostly at 65mph.
Got 51+mpg from a 2.2 Mondeo Estate that has done 190,000.
I'd freak out if i only got 44ish.
Let me know if you get it sorted out and what the answer was please.
Have you checked the usual suspects Chris? Tyre pressures, an intermittant brake bind?

Try touching each wheel in turn with the back of your hand after a run... Both front wheels should feel the same temperature "at a touch" as should the rear wheels, (the fronts will always be warmer than the rears) If one particualr whell is noticeably warmer (or hotter in some cases) Than the opposing wheel, then the chances are that caliper is sticking... Calipers are funny things, sometimes they only stick when they are warm... so jacking up the car and spinning each wheel to check doesn't always show up a problem. (as the brakes have had the chance to cool by the time you've jacked the car up).

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