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Full Version: Mb8000 Dvd Player ??
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:wacko: hi all new here just joined, i have just got mondeo with a dvd player in it, (never had 1 b4) but it dont seem to work, i press the on or power button on the front but i cant see any lights on it to let me no its on, any 1 got any ideas, like isay ive not had a dvd player in a car b4,

thnx in advance :rolleyes:
start with the simple stuff,is it getting power? check the fuses which feed the radio.
i'll give it a look at the w/end cos i dont get home from work till 6, and because its under the front pass seat its awkward to see even with a torch,
ok,, had a look and found live wire had become disconnected so connected back up
hey presto it works, BUT, there is a disc in it and it wont spit it out, i can hear it spinning when i press eject then it stops and NOTHING, it doesnt play either, and when i press power on remote the screens flash and NOTHING, so im thinking that the dvd plyer itself is knackerd, wot do you reckon? <_<
You should be able to manually remove the disc but that involves removing the player from the dash and unscrewing panels on the radio.
It does sound like the unit is toast though. :(
its a seperate dvd player underneath the passenger seat and its riveted to the metal frame of the seat, i dont realy want to start taking things apart, so if i was to replace the dvd player ; 1- where can i get 1, and 2- are they expensive? (bet they are) ;)
There must be mounting bolts or screws to remove the unit and yes they are probably very pricey.
You can get dash head unit ones on eBay for far less than Ford will charge (if they even stock them).

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