I changed the clutch now the alternator doesn't charge.

There have been problems with the battery (new) discharging but when tested last week was reading 14v under load.

When I fitted the clutch, as soon as I pulled off the ramp, the battery light came on.

There is no reading when on the stud of the alternator positive at all. Just zero. All wires are attached and none are snagged or appear to be damaged.

Alt. fuse is ok.

It could just be a horrible coincidence that has thrown me, but I'm wondering if I've done something stupid or missed something.

The zero reading really threw me!

As it stands I will fully investigate when I have the new part just in case next weekend but thought I'd ask in case someone knew something I don't.

Thanks in advance.

Vehicle is a 1999 Mk2 mondeo 1.8TD.