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Full Version: 1.6 Zetec - Exploding temp sensor
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Ok, here it is. Temp guage on Escort 1.6 Zetec not working. The top thermostat sensor (grey) looked new as if it had been replaced in a previous life. The bottom sensor (black) was smothered in oil and when removed, you could see it was damaged.

No problem, replace sensor right. Well I had replaced cam-belt kit, aux drive belt & water pump so wasnt expecting any problems anywhere else.

As I allowed the engine to idle after fitting all the above, there was a horrible smell or melting plastic and then a flash-bang and the new sensor literally blew out of the brass fitting! :P

When I looked at the old sensor, it had obviously done the same, but just melted a bit and went open cct.

I dont want to keep throwing sensors at it as they will all explode & although entertaining; wont fix the temp guage.

If I dont get anywhere I will replace sensors with an older type & fit an external temp guage; However has anyone got any idea?

I am a pretty good mechanic, but auto electrics, ECU's - these are the things of Satan! :ph34r:
I have the same problem with my escort finesse, when starting up the car holds it revs then settles as usual, but then when u drive off after disengaging the clutch sumtimes the revs stick or increase then u have to either turn the car off or wait for the revs to settle, when they do this sumtimes the car goes down to idling at between 400-600 revs aswell this normally happens when the revs are sticking. apart from that the cars runs ok i also have a very big wheezing noise cumin from the cambelt area sounds like the top pulley (dnt quite no what it is) when revving at low revs its normal to quite loud but when going between 50-90 mph u can hardly hear it UNLESS u thrash the engine then it sounds quite noisy at about 5000 revs any help with this would be great as i have jus bought my first ford escort and was realy hoping for an easy carefree escort but like my fiestas theres allways those little niggly zetec problems :( :( :(

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