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Full Version: Engine Management Light
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Anyone help me please.Took my car for a MOT today when I left the test centre the engine management light has come on.
Was ok before the test any ideas please.

Thanks for looking.
You dont say what engine.
If its the TDCI they will do a high rev test to measure the emissions for the MOT.

If you dont do high rev work often, that extra flow could move some crud along the fuel pipes and block the fuel filter. There is no sensor to test for filter blockage or LP faults.
The first pressure sensor is just before the injectors and that's the one that will put on the fault light if the injector pressure is below requirement due a filter block.

You should really get the codes read, as fuel is not the only thing that lights the dash. If it is a fuel pressure code the filter is your obvious first port of call.
Thanks mark sorry my car is a 2005 2.5 ghia x petrol does that make it a little simpler.
might be egr valve but worth checking

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